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Mudit eb8fb2446f Add video enumeration to InventoryManagement 2 years ago
digambar 1baaadf7f2 Add UUID to System object in python-dracclient 4 years ago
jainprasuk1996 92e4ba4c2b Fix CPU count returned by introspection in Ironic iDRAC driver 4 years ago
digambar 0960fba23a Add ability to retrieve system properties 4 years ago
Mark Beierl 8836c0dedf Add support for NIC configuration 4 years ago
Imre Farkas 9ff7c31972 Make object attribute names and values consistent 6 years ago
Imre Farkas f96744daf3 Allow missing flags on inventory.CPU 6 years ago
Imre Farkas 5a617b9e8d Add flag to indicate 64bit support in inventory.CPU 6 years ago
Imre Farkas 157eba7a64 Add NIC enumeration to InventoryManagement 6 years ago
Chris Coyle b87d729dca Add memory enumeration to InventoryManagement 7 years ago
Chris Coyle b61253ce92 Add CPU enumeration and InventoryManagement class 7 years ago