Remove unsueful 'opts' param

The opts param is unuseful for get_client_instance() func.

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caihui 2020-12-01 19:46:14 -08:00
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@ -174,10 +174,10 @@ def get_client_class(api_version=None):
return importutils.import_class(api_string)
def get_client_instance(kwargs={}, opts=None, api_version=None):
def get_client_instance(opts={}, api_version=None):
"""Get Freezerclient Instance.
We will the provided auth dict to instantiate a client instance
Returns freezerclient.v{x}.client.Client Object
:return: Object
return get_client_class(api_version)(opts=opts, **kwargs)
return get_client_class(api_version)(**opts)