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Hangdong Zhang d96ce23cd2 Update documentation URLs
Update URLs according to OpenStack document migration
BTW: Do some optimization as well (http -> https)

Change-Id: Id18a381d6ecf1208e7233d39212dfb8ed02cecd0
6 years ago
Deepak Jon 82119d28fd Replace http with https
The use of https and some of them are http.
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety without containing our
account/password information.

Change-Id: Ib88da809dd65464097f6dd43ae8963e3c622f85c
6 years ago
Memo Garcia 0a0f24f940 Filter jobs by client and/or custom filters
Closes-bug: 1562015
Change-Id: Ib887226c53d747ae36bef0dea7ade6a7a5e37531
7 years ago
Memo García 2864edd6d1 Python freezer client
Split apiclient from freezer-agent repo
Use cliff as a cli for freezer

Implements bp: freezerclient
7 years ago