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gengchc2 cc92d7cc2c Add the describes about search option
Change-Id: I535adec38fe9d3d72bb6001c54c321613de2e280
2018-12-03 00:59:35 +00:00
Cai Hui 5fd8f1bbb1 Remove "--os-identity-api-version" argument
Following commits:
  Change 608808
  Change 604284
  Use keystoneauth1.load.get_plugin_loader to load and discovery dynamically
without explicitly specifying V2 or V3 of keystone.

  The argument of "--os-identity-api-version" is no longer required.

Change-Id: Idbd324d30489ae3c6a279e7147387fea81f39063
2018-10-19 07:40:41 -04:00
Cai Hui c05b79625f Update freezerclient documentation
Change-Id: I2a36243847d8cbe02db7e99ba7c0995917204167
Story: 1706166
Task: 25709
2018-10-16 05:04:19 -04:00
Nguyen Hai 7086dc5cc7 Follow the new PTI for document build
For compliance with the Project Testing Interface as described in:

Remove the '[build_sphinx]' and '[pbr]' sections as described in:

Change-Id: I31dc268d810fd0ddd69a819b925226787da96ebd
2018-03-28 17:07:26 +00:00
Saad Zaher 4ec9036ec3 Update cli reference
Change-Id: I7c98cb3a8efe0543858ccfe874a342c213c54444
2017-09-24 02:18:50 +01:00
Andreas Jaeger f60ca4c700 Use pbr for version numbers
Hardcoding version numbers means that they need to be updated for each
release. Instead let pbr set the version number everywhere.

Change-Id: I5037cf9d0e0adf0eed9cc3d18b36490cc2649e90
2017-07-01 11:23:54 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger 5c3de22852 Switch to openstackdocstheme
Update to use openstackdocstheme everywhere.

Change-Id: Iea1be5d8ae6a331413f2c086e696b096fdcac17f
2017-07-01 11:22:39 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger 3e62e0fa18 Import cli-reference content from openstack-manuals
this is part of the doc-migration spec, see

Change-Id: I9f0b0dff40dca54492adb8f1604539351ace0482
2017-07-01 11:02:53 +02:00
ji-xuepeng 6ae04223ae Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
Change-Id: Ic556c099316fa62612bc2194cdbb0acf6b7f0446
2017-01-13 21:02:21 +08:00
Memo García 2864edd6d1 Python freezer client
Split apiclient from freezer-agent repo
Use cliff as a cli for freezer

Implements bp: freezerclient
2016-03-18 13:40:01 +00:00