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@ -598,6 +598,10 @@ glance image-import
.. code-block:: console
usage: glance image-import [--import-method <METHOD>]
[--uri <IMAGE_URL>]
[--store <STORE>] [--stores <STORES>]
[--all-stores [True|False]]
[--allow-failure [True|False]]
Initiate the image import taskflow.
@ -614,6 +618,29 @@ Initiate the image import taskflow.
be retrieved with import-info command and the default "glance-direct"
is used with "image-stage".
``--uri <IMAGE_URL>``
URI to download the external image
``--store <STORE>``
Backend store to upload image to.
``--stores <STORES>``
List of comma separated stores to upload image if multi-stores are
enabled in the environment.
``--all-stores [True|False]``
"all-stores" can be used instead of "--stores <STORES>" to indicate
that image should be imported all available stores.
``--allow-failure [True|False]``
Indicator if all stores listed (or available) must
succeed. "True" by default meaning that we allow some
stores to fail and the status can be monitored from
the image metadata. If this is set to "False" the
import will be reverted should any of the uploads
fail. Only usable with "stores" or "all-stores".
.. _glance_image-create-via-import:
glance image-create-via-import