OpenStack Image Management (Glance) Client
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prelude: >
This was a quiet development cycle for the python-glanceclient.
There were several improvements made in the testing code, and the
documentation was reorganized in accord with the `new standard
for OpenStack projects.
The main feature in this release is the addition of support for the
new image import functionality introduced into Glance during this
- |
Client support has been added for the new image import functionality
introduced into Glance in this cycle. This is a feature of the Images
API version 2 only, and it is disabled by default in Glance. The following
commands have been added to the command line interface:
* ``import-info`` - gets information about the import configuration of
the target Glance
* ``image-stage`` - uploads image data to the staging area
* ``image-import`` - initiates the import process for a previously
created image record whose image data is currently in the staging area
* ``image-create-via-import`` - this is an EXPERIMENTAL command that compresses
the three-step import process of the Images API version 2 into a single call
from the command line, just as the current client ``image-create`` command
compresses a two-step process into one step. *It is EXPERIMENTAL because the
name of the command may change or it may be removed entirely in future
releases.* The intent is that as Glance image import is adopted by deployers,
this command may be renamed to ``image-create`` as it behaves exactly the same
from the user's point of view. It is included in this release so that the
Glance team can get feedback from deployers and end users.
- |
The following are some highlights of the bug fixes included in this
* Bug 1659010_: Help text inaccurate for container_format, disk_format
* Bug 1570766_: Fix 'UnicodeEncodeError' for unicode values in url
* Bug 1583919_: --no-ssl-compression is deprecated
.. _1659010:
.. _1570766:
.. _1583919:
- |
The deprecated ``--no-ssl-compression`` option to the python-glanceclient
command line interface has been removed_. The option has been inoperative_
since the Liberty release.
- |
An optimization_ was added in the case where an image download is requested
from the command line interface without specifying either a filename
destination for the data or output redirection. The optimization properly
delays opening a connection to the server until *after* the CLI has
verified that the user has specified a location for the downloaded data.
In the pre-optimized code, if a user did not have permission to download
the requested image or if the image had no data associated with it, the CLI
would fail with an appropriate message when the client attempted to create
the connection but before it had determined that there was no place to put
the data. With this optimization, a user will not be able to "probe" the
server to see whether image data is available without specifying either the
``--file`` option or command line redirection.
- |
The argument to the ``--profile`` option of the command line interface
may now be specified_ by setting the value of the ``OS_PROFILE`` environment
.. _removed:
.. _inoperative:
.. _optimization:
.. _specified: