OpenStack Image Management (Glance) Client
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# When the functional tests are run in a devstack environment, we
# need to make sure that the python-requests module installed by
# tox in the test environment can find the distro-specific CA store
# where the devstack certs have been installed.
# assumptions:
# - devstack is running
# - the devstack tls-proxy service is running
# - the environment var OS_TESTENV_NAME is set in tox.ini (defaults
# to 'functional'
# This code based on a function in devstack lib/tls
function set_ca_bundle {
local python_cmd=".tox/${OS_TESTENV_NAME:-functional}/bin/python"
local capath=$($python_cmd -c $'try:\n from requests import certs\n print (certs.where())\nexcept ImportError: pass')
# of course, each distro keeps the CA store in a different location
local fedora_CA='/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt'
local ubuntu_CA='/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt'
local suse_CA='/etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem'
# the distro CA is rooted in /etc, so if ours isn't, we need to
# change it
if [[ ! $capath == "" && ! $capath =~ ^/etc/.* && ! -L $capath ]]; then
if [[ -e $fedora_CA ]]; then
rm -f $capath
ln -s $fedora_CA $capath
elif [[ -e $ubuntu_CA ]]; then
rm -f $capath
ln -s $ubuntu_CA $capath
elif [[ -e $suse_CA ]]; then
rm -f $capath
ln -s $suse_CA $capath
echo "can't set CA bundle, expect tests to fail"