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Takashi Kajinami 23e647539c Remove six
This library no longer supports Python 2, thus usage of six can be

Change-Id: I8d0c1cfd6dff375b3b7756a5b36c95a2df3f04c6
1 year ago
Zuul 6b071d397e Merge "Add files-container option for stack create and update" 3 years ago
Zuul 866e90374e Merge "Allow to set poll interval to OSC stack create" 3 years ago
jacky06 fcc7befd0f Cleanup of .keys() from dict_object.keys() *in* operator
Change-Id: I49bb58e5dc2618ee02424315e4e3bf1057a77068
4 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 033511c291 Allow to set poll interval to OSC stack create
In certain scenarios the default poll interval of 5s used by
`openstack stack create --wait` command is too short.

Setting the poll interval was supported in heat CLI with
`heat stack-create --poll N` but is missing in OSC plugin.

This patch adds an optional argument `--poll N` (N defaults to 5) to the
`openstack stack create` command.

Change-Id: Id279d92ea890032f280e453b795ede2818ffbb8c
Story: 2004863
Task: 29106
4 years ago
Zuul dd5f64c4c4 Merge "Load files from adopt file when adopt stack" 5 years ago
rabi bd2bfaa514 Add files-container option for stack create and update
If files-container option is specified:

- All template/env files would be fetched by the heat engine
  relative to the files_container and no local files other
  than the root template would be sent to server.
- Relative path of environment files would be sent in the
  environment_files list.

Also adds the option to template validate.

Change-Id: I1a703ab8798a003365be650886bb78be5af472b7
Story: #1755453
Task: 19319
5 years ago
ricolin 597e98fec0 Load files from adopt file when adopt stack
Add files from adopt file into create fields. This allow us to
adopt nested stack which the template defined in files.
Story: #1700744
Task: #17263

Change-Id: I2b473791186949d49be59ee790185b3e394c7000
5 years ago
rabi c000dd1d09 Handle token_endpoint auth type in osc plugin
There can be situations where the auth_type=token_endpoint, we
should use the appropriate attributes from the auth plugin when
creating heatclient.

Change-Id: Ic929f6ceaa92002eb2b3443934d1f541758e4dda
Closes-Bug: #1632341
5 years ago
Zane Bitter d1d4387bab Document osc CLI
Change-Id: Idafe730021f272360ac0588f8b35e7d392c96d4b
Closes-Bug: #1735019
5 years ago
Zuul 18d3e992da Merge "Add `--converge` argument for osc stack update" 6 years ago
Zuul f47a8d1130 Merge "Add plug-in summary for osc doc" 6 years ago
Steven Hardy 05e0dd2422 Don't preformat stack output show list/map values
This breaks the built-in --format json and --format yaml options

Change-Id: I01d46ace380756ae57c8c7c9f65c5a686a06818f
Closes-Bug: #1733664
6 years ago
rabi f0d3d9f1f9 Allow cancelling create_in_progress stacks with --no-rollback
Change-Id: Ib107c82f341f4d271859ca7681d65f7ce4c5d0b1
Related-Bug: #1709041
6 years ago
rabi 187fc54249 Add --no-rollback option for stack cancel
This adds a new --no-rollback option for stack cancel.

Usage: openstack stack cancel --no-rollback <stack_name>

Change-Id: I46252823701779e3a3c6867bc470d5532cf9d7a7
Related-Bug: #1709041
6 years ago
ricolin 58e357908e Add `--converge` argument for osc stack update
This patch add `--converge` argument for osc stack update. This
flag will be used as the trigger for observe on reality.
implements bp get-reality-for-resources

depends-on: I151b575b714dcc9a5971a1573c126152ecd7ea93
Change-Id: If35e1b9234cab173b3c46601bbd331aceebcbcb3
6 years ago
Roberto Polli 2a39275ec3 Support --show-nested in openstack stack update --dry-run
Added --show-nested support in `openstack stack update`.
  The work is based on `heat stack-update` implementation.

Closes-Bug: #1720085
Change-Id: I50c8f5ac9ba4cb7e478af03ff4c1f099270ae226
6 years ago
Joe Borg b45c792f95 Fixing read before prompt bug
Due to Python buffering sys.stdin and sys.stdout, the read can be shown
before text prompt.

Change-Id: I86d9ec62f7791da276585ce74a48162315effa7b
Signed-off-by: Joe Borg <>
6 years ago
KATO Tomoyuki ab2f7f680a Add plug-in summary for osc doc
Stevedore Sphinx extension handles this comment.

Change-Id: I4958ec1dfda96f54b75963a04b5a4fc9eec09d84
6 years ago
Jenkins 3316eaf05a Merge "Pass event filters to the server side" 6 years ago
Jenkins 1ba31b9609 Merge "Add '--yes' for openstack stack snapshot delete" 6 years ago
ricolin e2d92f7930 Add '--yes' for openstack stack snapshot delete
Add optional arguments '--yes' or '-y' in osc cli `openstack stack
snapshot delete`. There is no judgement before use that cli
So propose to add it in case that we delete the snapshot unintentionally.
Closes-Bug: #1642874

Change-Id: If7b515dff64a18f56046b890279c2c59b0ab9dc7
6 years ago
Thomas Herve e805091d62 Pass event filters to the server side
This passes event filters to the server side. It only matters for
event_time with limit now, but this fixes that case, and the case for
resource_type as well.

Change-Id: Ide8f0481cf031cc61d4bb43d1d92109d42326e95
6 years ago
Jenkins abe0d62a78 Merge "Fix error message when deployment not found" 6 years ago
Thomas Herve 34d3a000d2 Fix error message when deployment not found
This fixes the error messages when trying to do a openstack software
deployment show with a wrong id.

Change-Id: I23c427e33b28b327563769106fcadd20ff599454
6 years ago
liyi fb5e390891 Remove log translations
Log messages are no longer being translated. This removes all use of
the _LE, _LI, and _LW translation markers to simplify logging and to
avoid confusion with new contributions.


Change-Id: I601eee9f1fca65d5fb53e6b75482b74283908a29
6 years ago
Jenkins a795a9a304 Merge "Support openstack stack export" 6 years ago
Jenkins 07ea7d95b8 Merge "Handle log message interpolation by the logger" 6 years ago
huangtianhua dedc3ac0af Support openstack stack export
Heat supports exporting data of stack preparing
for abandon stack. This change supports
'openstack stack export' in client.

Change-Id: I5d3778f307d10174dbb738548282f7495bd9c825
6 years ago
Jenkins 28cf99603a Merge "Show 'project' info if heat server returns" 6 years ago
Gábor Antal 28d8082f9b Handle log message interpolation by the logger
According to OpenStack Guideline[1], logged string message should be
interpolated by the logger.


Change-Id: Icbf550eecc0108e928aeb9e39dd28dfe482abe4b
Closes-Bug: #1661262
6 years ago
Crag Wolfe c1e793f3b8 Don't always resolve outputs when showing a stack
* Whenever a stack is created/updated/adopted, a call to show the
  stack is made. Do not resolve the outputs when showing the stack in
  this case because:

  * If we are not waiting (there is no --wait arg) for the stack to
    complete after a create/update/adopt command and immediately
    showing the stack, resolving the outputs is just incurring a
    pointless processing hit on the server (ultimately heat-engine)
    and delaying a response to the client.

  * Whether we --wait or or not, we only show "short" stack info which
    doesn't include outputs anyway. So, let's avoid the
    processing/time overhead of resolving the outputs. (In theory,
    with --wait we might want to show "long" output with stack outputs
    afterwards, but that would be additional functionality that should
    be handled in a different patch)

* Add the --no-resolve-outputs option to "stack show" which already
  exists in the legacy heat stack-show command.

Change-Id: Id0661b11fd3cece0df3981488de6976219556d7e
Closes-Bug: #1659896
Closes-Bug: #1659899
6 years ago
huangtianhua 3ee70cf4e8 Show 'project' info if heat server returns
Show 'project'/'Project' info in heatclient
if heat server returns 'project' info of stacks.

Change-Id: I7d95ae96a678ef41bcd3d5379f204db83e4b585c
Closes-Bug: #1652412
6 years ago
Russell Bryant ef375e09dd Support -y for --yes.
Add short form '-y' for '--yes', mainly because I'm lazy.

Change-Id: Ia82f64246a191a1615ba1d886f80caa5f52cc835
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <>
6 years ago
Steven Hardy 9b60f057a5 Add aliases to orchestration template version list
Recently we added aliases to the API response, so display these
if they exist.

Change-Id: Iadd499d59acf3bf8cee3e208372340ff1a29112a
7 years ago
Jenkins 0c246f3259 Merge "User server side env merging with osc plugin" 7 years ago
rabi 280b1edeea User server side env merging with osc plugin
With osc client plugin, we don't seem to use server side
env merging for stack create and update. However, it's
there for template validation.

This patch brings it in sync with heat cli.

Change-Id: I8973fa499c51ca5f789efa6fb5c07bb6302324d7
Related-Bug: #1645686
7 years ago
Jenkins d45f484641 Merge "Update headers for the Openstack Orchestration commands" 7 years ago
Thomas Herve 753a7175c0 Fix event list help
argparse doesn't like the formatting of the sort metavar in event list,
so restore the previous format and explain it instead.

Change-Id: I3e1881ffe3d5af281369f6513e1ef2f04d18fe57
Closes-Bug: #1646773
7 years ago
Vijendra Soni b24df1f39b Update headers for the Openstack Orchestration commands
Updated headers for the following commands
openstack orchestration service list, openstack
orchestration template version list, and
openstack orchestration template function list
to keep syncronized with other Openstack commands headers

Change-Id: I57f03369a501080356e5292582654cd703803b96
Closes-Bug: #1643492
7 years ago
Jenkins 57f9c0490b Merge "Change property option into append action" 7 years ago
Jenkins 61794b7822 Merge "Graduate to oslo.i18n and cleanup incubator usage" 7 years ago
Chuck Short 29d6c613f6 Graduate to oslo.i18n and cleanup incubator usage
Graduate from Oslo Incubator to oslo.i18n library.
Cleanup of unused Oslo Incubator utils.
Added optional enable_lazy() usage.

Change-Id: I5ec02477f3f52f4d7097669120581e82cced3748
Signed-off-by: Chuck Short <>
7 years ago
gong yong sheng 3fd502030c Change property option into append action
Heat's other openstack commands are using append for such feature.
This patch changes property option from KeyValueAction into append
to make them consistent.

Change-Id: I34ef34c8fa1ece4e12e20a328a70fa8b389c29d2
Closes-bug: #1639107
7 years ago
huangtianhua 0ac4a80dad Return condition functions based on the filter param
Add 'with_condition_func' filter param for API
template-function-list, if the param set to true,
the response will include the condition functions.

Change-Id: Ia7b4da71ed5c3da105dd23917e4921a96e445026
Closes-Bug: #1625505
7 years ago
Jenkins c14e1827f6 Merge "Use region_name and interface with session" 7 years ago
rabi 6288620093 Use region_name and interface with session
Use region_name and interface  with session. Also use
public attributes of ClientManager for them.

Change-Id: Id836f503ff4d5189f90c4eaf68769bfbaa9dbd2f
7 years ago
Peter Razumovsky 9abc3588c0 Fix help string for osc resource show <resource>
Currently help string of <resource> tells "Name or ID of resource" which
is wrong - resource-show doesn't accepts ID's of resources.

Change-Id: I8b8f6c937e1119c90c0ef473c3784c0523593481
Related-bug: #1620291
7 years ago
Jason Dunsmore 988824784b Use event_time as default event sort key in OSC
Closes-Bug: #1599568
Change-Id: Id1e6e7669b03f5dd4a66a1e786a08eb9ade79307
7 years ago
tamilhce f2147f79aa Don't use endpoint_override with session
We should not use endpoint_override by default and rather
use service_type with session. This also refactors some of
the associated code.

However, if one wants to override the endpoint they can pass
endpoint_override to the client constructor along with session.

Change-Id: I7c27d8ff827de3b4bb3e70457c0b6a3f47b6d7bb
Co-Authored-By: Rabi Mishra <>
Closes-Bug: #1621505
7 years ago