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Takashi Kajinami 69d4a5ee93 Accept sha256 hash for swift tempurl
Since swiftclient 4.0.1, sha256 is used when generating tempurl
This change extends the regex pattern to assert signatues so that it
can accept both sha1(old) and sha256(current).


Change-Id: I1589adbe4501b1c678f197b9c0f67b716c341b2d
11 months ago
Zuul 9e84a5970b Merge "Remove six" 12 months ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 66adfe14a6 Encode urls in unit tests
currently several unit tests are failing when path from where
they run contains url-quotable characters like '@', which apparently is
possile in e.g. Jenkins.

Change-Id: I44eab3f4a384a27f34e4066651baafa6a9489f49
12 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 23e647539c Remove six
This library no longer supports Python 2, thus usage of six can be

Change-Id: I8d0c1cfd6dff375b3b7756a5b36c95a2df3f04c6
1 year ago
rabi 4753a47bbf Fix test and lower constraints
This fixes failures for PyYAML new version and
lower constraints.

Change-Id: Iba863242365c4be63495600b741513c2ca0ea9b0
1 year ago
Luigi Toscano bb22add60c Native Zuul v3 version of the functional legacy job
Pretty straightforward conversion, and remove the old scripts
which are not needed anymore.

Also, even though OS_TENANT_NAME is still exported,
read OS_PROJECT_NAME as first choice.

Change-Id: I51314da6d6bf0467308f3598fa9e666655e286d0
3 years ago
jacky06 8a9566864f Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock
Now that we no longer support py27, we can use the standard library
unittest.mock module instead of the third party mock lib.

Change-Id: I5cf252c1a22977d3c87898e723e5001cc87a0d87
3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 9dede4eb2b Update hacking for Python3
The repo is Python 3 now, so update hacking to version 3.0 which
supports Python 3.

Fix problems found.

Change-Id: I82c745f5b1236844deec4538be84037a64eebeee
3 years ago
Zuul 6b071d397e Merge "Add files-container option for stack create and update" 3 years ago
Zuul 866e90374e Merge "Allow to set poll interval to OSC stack create" 3 years ago
Zane Bitter 869f3a943b Remove dependency on mox3
Change-Id: Ie6017be8293b36d1aedfb5cce7b76c85a8b95b63
3 years ago
Zane Bitter 163d4aa0e9 Remove mox usage from test_shell
Change-Id: I4e1dbb55dbc01ebf18ca80aa63ae492a1a8f47ae
3 years ago
Stephen Finucane 48d19397a6 tests: Convert 'test_resources' to mock
This is the smaller of the two.

Change-Id: I2a483698209e7c4ba2da074ffd7b9466f17937e2
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
3 years ago
Stephen Finucane 75ed1cedd9 tests: Pre-mox removal cleanup
Move some stuff around in order to make the later migration easier to

Change-Id: I1404a5b23fd1852be9d04661c2a0ba12c4bb78ec
Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
3 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 033511c291 Allow to set poll interval to OSC stack create
In certain scenarios the default poll interval of 5s used by
`openstack stack create --wait` command is too short.

Setting the poll interval was supported in heat CLI with
`heat stack-create --poll N` but is missing in OSC plugin.

This patch adds an optional argument `--poll N` (N defaults to 5) to the
`openstack stack create` command.

Change-Id: Id279d92ea890032f280e453b795ede2818ffbb8c
Story: 2004863
Task: 29106
4 years ago
Zuul 4d8f270157 Merge "Ignore not found when delete in test" 4 years ago
Zane Bitter d87aa032de Fix unit tests
Change-Id: I44bbafa95d6eeb3550aac5b480391a3fc7ddaef5
4 years ago
Rabi Mishra bd33e310e0 Set Content-Type header explictly for SessionClient
SessionClient is subclassed from keystoneauth LegacyJsonAdapter.
LegacyJsonAdapter does not set the Content-Type explicitly
and results in decodeing issues in some cases.

Change-Id: Idf23022b394607c332490331fc4b216de6ff1313
Story: 2005237
Task: 30027
4 years ago
ricolin 3b74f2ddd1 Ignore not found when delete in test
Ignore not found when delete stack or stack snapshot in tests.
Story: #1737100
Task: #19354

Change-Id: I6c980b68023b33dc318c5d9506c2cac5866c4924
4 years ago
Zuul 7877475961 Merge "Replace deprecated "decodestring()" by "decodebytes()"" 5 years ago
Zuul dd5f64c4c4 Merge "Load files from adopt file when adopt stack" 5 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan 02d0090c47 Replace deprecated "decodestring()" by "decodebytes()"
decodestring() is deprecated alias of decodebytes()

The same has been done for nova:

Change-Id: Ie069aaaff1646a70f3717fc6f9c7252949c4e5fd
5 years ago
rabi bd2bfaa514 Add files-container option for stack create and update
If files-container option is specified:

- All template/env files would be fetched by the heat engine
  relative to the files_container and no local files other
  than the root template would be sent to server.
- Relative path of environment files would be sent in the
  environment_files list.

Also adds the option to template validate.

Change-Id: I1a703ab8798a003365be650886bb78be5af472b7
Story: #1755453
Task: 19319
5 years ago
Zuul c7b8212a63 Merge "Enable some off-by-default checks" 5 years ago
ricolin 597e98fec0 Load files from adopt file when adopt stack
Add files from adopt file into create fields. This allow us to
adopt nested stack which the template defined in files.
Story: #1700744
Task: #17263

Change-Id: I2b473791186949d49be59ee790185b3e394c7000
5 years ago
Zuul 4d15e574f9 Merge "Add heat CLI test for stack-show" 5 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan dcdacd2f56 Use assertRegex instead of assertRegexpMatches
In Python3, assertRegexpMatches & assertNotRegexpMatches
are deprecated in favor of assertRegex and assertNotRegex

Change-Id: Ied56eda65800d72105ef2e2b683c6ce71cda6c4c
5 years ago
Georgy Dyuldin 08a925f184 Add heat CLI test for stack-show
Change-Id: I35b17be14438e6de6fffd0396bab9989ef812a2a
5 years ago
Zuul 18d3e992da Merge "Add `--converge` argument for osc stack update" 6 years ago
rabi f0d3d9f1f9 Allow cancelling create_in_progress stacks with --no-rollback
Change-Id: Ib107c82f341f4d271859ca7681d65f7ce4c5d0b1
Related-Bug: #1709041
6 years ago
rabi 187fc54249 Add --no-rollback option for stack cancel
This adds a new --no-rollback option for stack cancel.

Usage: openstack stack cancel --no-rollback <stack_name>

Change-Id: I46252823701779e3a3c6867bc470d5532cf9d7a7
Related-Bug: #1709041
6 years ago
PriyaDuggirala f73c2a4177 Modify error message encountered during stack update
Parameters of an existing stack can be updated with
openstack stack update <stack> --existing --parameter <parameter>=<newvalue>
Example : openstack stack update stack1 --parameter p1=v1
If the --existing option is skipped, it leads to the below error
Need to specify exactly one of --template-file, --template-url or --template-object
This error is misleading as the user might think that stack update
cannot be performed without specifying a new template.

Modify the error message with --existing option.

Change-Id: Idce88bde848378e00b1c873245600ba205939668
Closes-Bug: #1723864
6 years ago
Zuul 868f3b80b7 Merge "Use generic user for both zuul v2 and v3" 6 years ago
ricolin 58e357908e Add `--converge` argument for osc stack update
This patch add `--converge` argument for osc stack update. This
flag will be used as the trigger for observe on reality.
implements bp get-reality-for-resources

depends-on: I151b575b714dcc9a5971a1573c126152ecd7ea93
Change-Id: If35e1b9234cab173b3c46601bbd331aceebcbcb3
6 years ago
Zuul 799bb285b0 Merge "No longer use oslotest.mockpatch" 6 years ago
Nam Nguyen Hoai 046fbf8aa3 Use generic user for both zuul v2 and v3
Zuul v2 uses 'jenkins' as user, but Zuul v3 uses 'zuul'.
Using $USER solves it for both cases.

Change-Id: If6b023e3be4a4555b656660a8522271668496ead
6 years ago
Thomas Bechtold 7ed9834e10 No longer use oslotest.mockpatch
It is deprecated[1] and will be removed soon.

[1] I3efb3c64ebce396e756a47d110a74fe8604b6b72

Closes-Bug: #1712017
Change-Id: If6406da4c940686cbda696f760d06d45690912a1
6 years ago
Thomas Herve 2a8ce0d065 Don't override sections in deep_update
When you comment all the elements in a YAML mapping, you end up with
None instead of an empty mapping, which can have bad side effect when
handling multiple environemnents. Let's handle that by ignoring the
latest None value.

Change-Id: I77ffabeb8d4cd2886ef4f41351e42ebe487b5d4b
6 years ago
Roberto Polli 2a39275ec3 Support --show-nested in openstack stack update --dry-run
Added --show-nested support in `openstack stack update`.
  The work is based on `heat stack-update` implementation.

Closes-Bug: #1720085
Change-Id: I50c8f5ac9ba4cb7e478af03ff4c1f099270ae226
6 years ago
Jenkins 565c05cce1 Merge "Decode content before checking" 6 years ago
Joe Borg b45c792f95 Fixing read before prompt bug
Due to Python buffering sys.stdin and sys.stdout, the read can be shown
before text prompt.

Change-Id: I86d9ec62f7791da276585ce74a48162315effa7b
Signed-off-by: Joe Borg <>
6 years ago
rabi 485a679f3e Decode content before checking
Decode before checking for py3 compatibility.

Change-Id: Ic62ebc385146ab1406dd64384044d92be8171052
Related-Bug: #1695144
6 years ago
Jenkins 99db9f3681 Merge "Add functinoal tests for 'openstack stack snapshot delete'" 6 years ago
Jenkins 4722facf06 Merge "Add optional arguments '-y' in CLI:snapshot-delete" 6 years ago
blue55 a0dfe0703b Enable some off-by-default checks
Some of the available checks are disabled by default, like:
[H106] Don’t put vim configuration in source files
[H203] Use assertIs(Not)None to check for None

Change-Id: I815f189258356cb911d1e232b6f53c864e53c602
6 years ago
Jenkins 81fb46dc4f Merge "Replace six.iteritems() with .items()" 6 years ago
Jenkins 847f902337 Merge "Don't encode path separators" 6 years ago
Jenkins ee6ebb5d11 Merge "Replace mox3 with mock" 6 years ago
Jenkins 3316eaf05a Merge "Pass event filters to the server side" 6 years ago
ricolin 7998d7bb3f Add optional arguments '-y' in CLI:snapshot-delete
There is no judgement before use the cli: heat snapshot-delete.
So I add it.
Partial-Bug: #1642490

Depends-On: If7b515dff64a18f56046b890279c2c59b0ab9dc7
Change-Id: I6e82630816e54aa2d98c3653ab43b865f445e881
6 years ago