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Takashi Kajinami 23e647539c Remove six
This library no longer supports Python 2, thus usage of six can be

Change-Id: I8d0c1cfd6dff375b3b7756a5b36c95a2df3f04c6
2022-05-09 17:01:25 +00:00
ricolin 82c842f3d9 Update stack_id clearify for heat client functions
most of our client major function require stack_id. We should
provide more specific information (at lest in function description)
to clearify that it's allowed to feed in stack name to `stack_id`
too. For example, both `heat.stacks.get($Stack_UUID)` and
`heat.stacks.get($Stack_Name)` works.

Change-Id: I4428097140e0391a77679f5c69e00966f249efd7
2019-08-03 00:42:19 +08:00
Jenkins 81fb46dc4f Merge "Replace six.iteritems() with .items()" 2017-06-12 09:06:53 +00:00
rabi a625d3bb93 Don't encode path separators
Encoding the path separators results in urls refused by by apache
with 404 unless AllowEncodedSlashes is turned on, which is not
the default.

The existing encoding of path separators seems unnecessary.

Change-Id: I3b77aafc6104119503363e5db36b0379964daba5
2017-05-09 14:55:41 +05:30
M V P Nitesh 61aa092ce5 Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
1.As mentioned in [1], we should avoid using six.iteritems to achieve
iterators. We can use dict.items instead, as it will return iterators
in PY3 as well. And dict.items/keys will more readable.
2.In py2, the performance about list should be negligible, see the
link [2].

Change-Id: I3913e8876b34e112140788d7a405da6eedfb5f29
2017-03-31 15:16:54 +05:30
rabi b25baa9108 Move required modules from oslo-incubator
Move the required module to heatclient/common.

- heatclient/openstack/common/apiclient/

It also moves some required functions and exceptions from
heatclient/openstack/common/ and

Change-Id: I68704c7fab9417492d8390ad05a9797f78d46907
2016-11-12 19:15:40 +05:30
Steve Baker 31278ff5f7 Implement client side of event list --nested-depth
This change does the following:
- cleans up the usage of get_events so that marker and limit are only
  specified in their dedicated arguments, not also in event_args
  (also, specifying only in event_args still works)
- first attempts server-side nested_depth support
- falls back to the old recursive approach if the response data lacks a
  link with the ref root_stack

Since there is a fallback for old heat APIs, the client change can
land before or after the heat change

Change-Id: I43d12ec61ec359222184f07c170de3c97481f1ba
Closes-Bug: #1588561
2016-06-10 14:30:20 +12:00
ricolin 47cbec7ff5 Enable pep8 H405 tests
Enabled H405 multi line docstring summary not separated with an empty
line in tox testing.

Change-Id: I89d063133154ae343315872b677fa06cc901cf3b
2015-11-16 23:34:57 +08:00
Peter Razumovsky 0f8f4d17bb Move usage methods *_request to get/post/etc
HTTPClient has methods get/post/put and others, which
use json_request and raw_request, but other code uses
requests method instead of them.

Change-Id: I74ee34430afdae17f83ccdc877cc882f94651bce
2015-06-09 10:13:01 +00:00
tengqm 284c1c5b8d Migrate to new oslo_xxx namespace
This patch migrates the namespace of oslo packages from oslo.foobar to
oslo_foobar.  The oslo_incubator code need to be resynced, which will be
submitted in another patch.

Change-Id: Id77207750556b71f20797a0ee6f2cafd62ea30e1
2015-03-23 20:54:33 +08:00
Steven Hardy 5259f00827 Convert strutils to oslo.utils.encodeutils
Convert the encode/decode functions from oslo-incubator to use
oslo.utils encodeutils, as the incubator functions are now

Also syncs oslo-incubator to 62394a3 to purge usage of strutils
from the openstack/common modules.

Note includes oslo fix
which we need or the python3 tests won't pass.

Change-Id: I630fe3f3ce14ae745a8417bfe6552acd31341c9c
Partial-Bug: #1380629
2014-11-12 11:33:49 +00:00
huangtianhua 6eb45625e5 Implement events pagination, sorting and filtering
It supports pagination for events-list.

Implements blueprint events-pagination-heatclient

Change-Id: I11ca89b0a203435ba3793d061d7d06cb458d61eb
2014-07-23 12:36:37 +00:00
llg8212 9d3d26d903 Remove dependent module py3kcompat
Module py3kcompat was removed from oslo-incubator, we can use
six directly.

* Sync commit of removing py3kcompat from oslo
* use six replace usage of py3kcompat

Change-Id: If0f9397588b2180fe198e804cbbb5b5c8420fe76
Closes-Bug: #1280033
2014-03-18 10:27:55 +08:00
Andrey Kurilin ace73ed0a3 Update apiclient.base and reuse new functional
Module apiclient.base has several updates in oslo, so we need to sync
latest code to have ability to reuse new functional.

Updates in oslo which related to usage of apiclient.base in heatclient:
- I491f9b54c7074546cf738c6150666bfcc3966a78
- I1db6c12a1f798de7f7fafd0c34fb0ef523610153

Related to bp common-client-library-2

Change-Id: I509d6efb0c8eef87ba2e4aa02ebb44ba149a9860
2014-02-19 10:44:27 +02:00
Andrey Kurilin a07b8b0b3f Reuse BaseManager and Resource from oslo
In the process of unification of the clients code we should
reuse common functionality from Oslo.

Related to blueprint common-client-library-2

Change-Id: I44a1344e3eb40220d8b795fd05e44623195116a2
2013-12-16 15:35:16 +02:00
chenxiao 42a252dbbe Fix i18n error when resource-name is non-english
When executing commands about event and resource with
non-english resource-name, error "'ascii' codec can't
decode byte...." will occur.

Root cause is that heatclient can not generate a correct
encoded url. This Patch will use quote and safe_encode
functions to implement a url-encode process.

Closes-Bug: #1249234
Change-Id: I4261fdaf6ccc60aebdb9df236f4eedce0f9baa14
2013-11-25 22:54:24 +08:00
ZhiQiang Fan 455b1cb4e8 Replace OpenStack LLC with OpenStack Foundation
Change-Id: I8f2697ca99192078d5db2adb4db98287520d9895
Fixes-Bug: #1214176
2013-09-20 04:21:21 +08:00
Angus Salkeld 2fcd4570f3 Fix all the pep8 E* and F* errors.
Change-Id: I34bab949e4795073544c64c9796237c60ace4d65
2013-06-27 13:13:14 +10:00
Monty Taylor fcf75cb484 Cleaned up code in anticipation of flake8.
Change-Id: Id710edb1a82110653e783fed13cd589cab75f38a
2013-05-18 09:37:02 -07:00
Steve Baker 23478147aa Support for events list and details
This also replaces resource_id with resource_name in the
resources API.

Change-Id: Ia5ccec5d94fb8106be2dfe89976db0fceeb73b58
2012-11-28 11:58:11 +13:00