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Steve Baker bc972b214e Switch to using version.canonical_version_string
Change-Id: Id095c61325b0d64bc77b742abf72958aeb4cde4d
2013-01-09 11:23:12 +13:00
Steve Baker 712e1726ad Update to latest oslo-incubator
The included changes to are required for
correctly generating the versioninfo file.

Change-Id: I3534f4de099dc6d7462d896e9b18a8f776ee4daf
2013-01-09 11:22:22 +13:00
Steve Baker c7130de0a9 Display a better error message on HTTP exception
Instead of just getting the HTTP code, the message from the actual
exception is printed to the console

Change-Id: I43265e1e01e3e972e444778b3058637c0e1fd441
2012-12-11 13:48:55 +13:00
Steve Baker e1ce4162e4 Fix git repo url
Change-Id: I81e02b80445b4a5a277f94e01478a156e56fd071
2012-12-04 13:15:33 +13:00
Jenkins 85b8a6e752 Merge "Deprecate commands and add unified cli replacements." 2012-12-03 23:26:30 +00:00
Jenkins 8179af9b50 Merge "remove some glanceisms from the docs" 2012-12-03 23:26:04 +00:00
Steve Baker 03f9f84abf Deprecate commands and add unified cli replacements.
This is to bring into line with

Here is the mapping, as displayed by 'heat help'
    create              DEPRECATED! Use stack-create instead
    delete              DEPRECATED! Use stack-delete instead
    describe            DEPRECATED! Use stack-show instead
    event               DEPRECATED! Use event-show instead
    event-list          List events for a stack
    event-show          Describe the event
    gettemplate         DEPRECATED! Use template-show instead
    list                DEPRECATED! Use stack-list instead
    resource            DEPRECATED! Use resource-show instead
    resource-list       Show list of resources belonging to a stack
    resource-metadata   List resource metadata
    resource-show       Describe the resource
    stack-create        Create the stack
    stack-delete        Delete the stack
    stack-list          List the user's stacks
    stack-show          Describe the stack
    stack-update        Update the stack
    template-show       Get the template for the specified stack
    template-validate   Validate a template with parameters
    update              DEPRECATED! Use stack-update instead
    validate            DEPRECATED! Use template-validate instead
    help                Display help about this program or one of its

Change-Id: I1a296de2b935be6cc28fcc49ef8ee7ae333abf1a
2012-12-04 12:04:56 +13:00
Steve Baker 727d07e667 remove some glanceisms from the docs
Change-Id: Iee3eb218086d3a9810d7f7e0e92500293b90a1f1
2012-12-04 11:51:34 +13:00
Steve Baker 400553ead1 add some pypi meta info
Change-Id: I2a7c9e015ac7af35518c2303efcf0c40e9a0f3ee
2012-12-04 10:57:28 +13:00
Jeremy Stanley 95a0894a38 Update .gitreview for org move.
* .gitreview: The python-heatclient project moved from the heat-api
org to openstack, so this updates the gerrit remote URL accordingly.

Change-Id: I97d8433ceb61cc227ca139ec26f5e30b8daa4052
2012-12-02 17:48:42 +00:00
Jenkins 224eafa18e Merge "Pass template as a string if it is not JSON." 2012-11-27 23:35:55 +00:00
Steve Baker 23478147aa Support for events list and details
This also replaces resource_id with resource_name in the
resources API.

Change-Id: Ia5ccec5d94fb8106be2dfe89976db0fceeb73b58
2012-11-28 11:58:11 +13:00
Steve Baker 97b24ccb27 Use python-keystoneclient 0.2 series
This is required to not clash with keystone git master

Change-Id: I775e9f1b02d4ae15323db8930b1adeb4b8296970
2012-11-28 11:58:11 +13:00
Steve Baker 3d122cfb54 Pass template as a string if it is not JSON.
Test for JSON is whether the first character is '{'

Change-Id: I109d5f12d3874517561631eefac514342761714b
2012-11-26 14:01:04 +13:00
Steve Baker 03e5e7e3c1 Ignore heatclient/versioninfo
Change-Id: I862cbc8e6b37ea90d3e13bfba1e94a20819ccec6
2012-11-26 13:45:36 +13:00
Steve Baker f5ffc5f254 Implement client resource support.
CLI now supports commands:

Change-Id: I6c366279456f35e40928fc8f3654ab63ae0af6ca
2012-11-20 11:38:19 +13:00
Dan Radez cfb2205a96 adding test coverage for common/http, improving the redirect handling 2012-11-13 18:34:22 -05:00
Jenkins 116e1afd36 Merge "Support name or id for stack operations." 2012-11-13 19:53:20 +00:00
Jenkins b5aba71647 Merge "Pass username and password as well as token." 2012-11-13 19:49:09 +00:00
Steve Baker c14e082d78 Support name or id for stack operations.
Includes the followig changes:
- move format_parameters to common/
- Separate columns for ID and Name in list pretty print table
- Accept ID or Name for all operations
- Fix from radaz to correctly respond to redirects

Change-Id: Ie2d7c03f682d43454cb1348188fa56ad001e1bb1
2012-11-13 14:19:50 +13:00
Steve Baker c1dbaa986d Pass username and password as well as token.
This matches the behaviour of heat-cfn.
One day Heat will support doing all operations with only a token. Today is not that day.
Also add a --token-only option to suppress sending username/password.

Change-Id: Ib439d770e90d381ffc83babf7fca85c9f1e32e64
2012-11-07 16:45:22 +13:00
Monty Taylor 2122bd1753 Add .gitreview file. 2012-10-30 12:08:34 +01:00
Steve Baker 0d4f3565a8 pep8 and more tests 2012-10-27 06:53:56 +13:00
Steve Baker 6499a9a834 - Comment out commands that don't yet have a REST API equivalent
- Use Name/ID when specifying a stack
2012-10-26 13:20:54 +13:00
Steve Baker 7021e3055a Feature parity with REST API
- Give a nice message for 404 for non-existent stack id 
- implement delete, gettemplate, validate 
- run do_list after create, delete
- don't encode the json template as a json string
2012-10-25 16:47:39 +13:00
Steve Baker 801616330f set up default logging even when not debugging 2012-10-25 16:44:07 +13:00
Steve Baker 73f153570b Allow sort column to be specified 2012-10-25 16:43:49 +13:00
Steve Baker 74a66ca04e An error response shouldn't be logged as an error, since it is part of the REST API 2012-10-25 16:43:32 +13:00
Steve Baker 2462f281ab Implement describe, and format the results 2012-10-25 13:33:16 +13:00
Steve Baker 2a15eda592 Allow pretty_dict to take optional formatters 2012-10-25 13:32:52 +13:00
Steve Baker fe8fa481c6 Shell unit tests, remove unused code, display real results from REST API 2012-10-23 16:52:23 +13:00
Steve Baker 5ad7e90817 Allow labels to be specified separately from field keys 2012-10-23 16:50:30 +13:00
Steve Baker a66f891e1e resolve test template file path no matter where it is run from 2012-10-19 06:16:36 +10:00
Steve Baker 675b8a4f71 Some slightly more realistic mock responses.
Regexp asserts to check pretty print is printing something
2012-10-18 13:50:22 +10:00
Steve Baker 231cfc4fbf pass the dict to print_dict 2012-10-18 13:46:05 +10:00
Steve Baker b6debe5cb0 Properly configure debug logging 2012-10-18 11:56:24 +10:00
Steve Baker 317757c164 Mock at the json request level instead of the http connection level. Test create. 2012-10-16 06:51:23 +10:00
Steve Baker b03183ce3f setup tweaks 2012-10-12 16:54:06 +13:00
Steve Baker 3c9c859e81 Get fakes and mox working so that any http request/response sequence can be
test scripted
2012-10-12 16:50:43 +13:00
Steve Baker 70619f8945 pyc files should not have been committed 2012-10-12 16:49:41 +13:00
Steve Baker 4ba8e46631 Format parameters for create call 2012-10-11 13:09:56 +13:00
Steve Baker 622719c144 add some more non-functioning skeleton code 2012-10-10 12:53:05 +13:00
Steve Baker afff6d66d8 fix readme path 2012-10-10 12:52:35 +13:00
Steve Baker 7cbfd721d5 Swap readme files 2012-10-10 10:49:45 +13:00
Steve Baker 00cdfcb868 Merge branch 'master' of 2012-10-10 10:47:54 +13:00
Steve Baker dddbbd95ea Define CLI commands and arguments for entire API.
Should match the legacy client except for how resource id is specified for resource
2012-10-10 10:46:53 +13:00
Steve Baker 69d70c4426 initial version 2012-10-10 10:45:56 +13:00
Steve Baker 1269bb20c7 Initial import 2012-10-10 08:55:03 +13:00
Steven Dake 3e82cb6bbc first commit 2012-10-08 17:37:58 -07:00