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Andreas Jaeger 79d8861066 Avoid for constraints support
We do not need, pip can handle constraints itself
and install the project correctly. Thus update tox.ini and remove
the now obsolete tools/ file.

This follows to remove

Change-Id: I84cee5a9a728b9d6dc7909ac28a60b9c20c2348c
2017-12-02 16:58:43 +00:00
rabi 88fae590c6 Use upper-constraints for all jobs
Change-Id: I17aae5f4b5c72425d72a3d9ba0a44110e2e6a65c
2017-04-03 15:19:39 +05:30
rabi f785c8c781 Remove unused scripts in tools
Change-Id: Id89abfcb43286ca7706e8114337a94a8fdaca82f
2016-11-12 19:23:34 +05:30
yuyafei 1f73c958c4 Remove white space between print and ()

Change-Id: Iea9913ec7934ec0879a724ad3f90d52fab8bca48
2016-07-05 16:54:28 +08:00
Bo Wang 618a8924af Replace ConfigParser with six.moves.configparser
ConfigParser is available in python2 but not in python3.

Change-Id: I537a13a26aa3ab936ff23af1cf37a1a18baccd8e
2016-03-10 18:01:37 +08:00
Bo Wang 3298ad98c8 Remove incorrectly used "# flake8: noqa"
"# flake8: noqa" option disables all checks for the whole file.
To disable one line we should use "# noqa".
Remove unused "# flake8: noqa" and fix hidden hacking errors.

Change-Id: I624e96784ae7a22b5a5766f38bdf1fb8ade2d0a2
Closes-Bug: #1540254
2016-02-01 16:42:03 +08:00
Andreas Jaeger 85d665e511 warn against sorting requirements
And do not check for sorted requirements.

Change-Id: I64ae9191863564e278a35d42ec9cd743a233028e
Closes-Bug: 1365061
2014-09-11 18:54:13 +02:00
Victor Morales 276fafe388 Removed undefined method in file
There was a call from file to post_process method
of InstallVenv class, but this method is not defined in this class
as result it was raising an error. Even when this error doesn't
affect dependencies installation, it is not allowing to display user

Change-Id: Idb77f164abee5625ac24800ddb94b9b8c0b85162
Closes-Bug: #1275025
2014-08-20 22:41:06 -05:00
tanlin ce212218cf Append extra space after command in bash_completion
Unlike NovaClient or other Clients in OpenStack, 
there is no space append after command in Heat Client.
That means if I try to run 'heat stack-delete', I have 
to manually append the space and then append the thing 
I want to delete.
This correction will help Heat Client to be more 
convenient for operators.

Change-Id: I229653f0a1ecc2794cdb8006c22a70882084d7e1
2014-06-11 09:56:36 +00:00
ChenZheng 339f3e4de0 Sort requirement files in alphabetical order
This makes code more readable, and can check whether specific library
in the requirement files easily. We also enforce the check in pep8.

Change-Id: I08434dd56d41a82045e4119e547b7b3f60d66698
Closes-Bug: #1285478
2014-02-27 18:03:28 +08:00
Jenkins 0ea0befd86 Merge "Enable default in bash completion" 2014-02-06 21:52:11 +00:00
Thomas Herve a609d95bd2 Enable default in bash completion
This adds default options to bash completion, allowing to put filenames
after options like --template-file.

Change-Id: I8881028186f26d8fccb611daabf92ba028ca41a8
2014-02-06 09:13:26 +01:00
Ivan Kolodyazhny f3565c932b Added missed files to create venv with
Change-Id: If5ea42ea75ee25bc321fba85a86161ef22a7f197
Closes: bug #1273795
2014-01-29 21:23:33 +02:00
ZhiQiang Fan 992d6f5350 Supports bash_completion for heatclient
bash_completion feature can improve CLI user experience, projects like
nova, keystone, and cinder already support it.

NOTE: this patch just provides simple functionality, which means cache
for IDs and names is not used (like nova).

Closes-Bug: #1260939
Change-Id: I327e884e1c5907c9ff6f31131c70aee659cca58e
2013-12-16 23:04:24 +08:00
Monty Taylor 3768432707 Move requirements files to standard names.
Change-Id: Ia27def1cf04aae8fe6e9f19e965b0083638d2201
2013-05-25 08:41:07 +02:00
Monty Taylor 20bca18e17 Migrate to pbr.
Fixes bug 1179007.

Change-Id: Ic3b99d88cb9c82112f1e2b51867a0da7fb6ec691
2013-05-25 08:39:20 +02:00
Monty Taylor b343c1c22d Migrate to flake8.
Fixes bug 1172444.

Change-Id: Icd6c41f9f5b799ed0b121dc3a3af9d4304fa0eff
2013-05-18 18:44:15 -07:00
Dirk Mueller 3740ae9fcb Allow for prettytable 0.7.x as well
Relax requirements to >= 0.6, < 0.8, as 0.7.x seems to
work as well. Lower has been raised to 0.6 to match openstack-common/requirements

Change-Id: Ic8ce818016ae7d9fbfeb1548b612f8d9e8ae7c42
2013-03-15 17:42:45 +01:00
Angus Salkeld 841ded0a5a Remove warlock from pip-requires as it is not used
This is a hangover from copying from glanceclient

Change-Id: Id81035b5432b65e776217f6b3e7e62c4447d4541
Signed-off-by: Angus Salkeld <>
2013-03-07 15:57:44 +11:00
Steve Baker b1b545581d Relax the required version of prettytable.
Also add httplib2, iso8601.

Fixes bug 1090403

Change-Id: Ibc2bb3391754907dae9a4c705a53634926739b5b
2013-01-09 13:12:46 +13:00
Steve Baker 97b24ccb27 Use python-keystoneclient 0.2 series
This is required to not clash with keystone git master

Change-Id: I775e9f1b02d4ae15323db8930b1adeb4b8296970
2012-11-28 11:58:11 +13:00
Steve Baker b03183ce3f setup tweaks 2012-10-12 16:54:06 +13:00
Steve Baker 1269bb20c7 Initial import 2012-10-10 08:55:03 +13:00