A python client implementing the Ironic API.
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Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira f51566545e Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
SHA1-hash-auth-token-f8dce46f854c002c.yaml Log SHA1 hash of X-Auth-Token value 6 years ago
accept-valid_interfaces-3b8f5e3e362e04cd.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
add-chassis_uuid-removal-possibility-5bc0bc3a7953eaa5.yaml OSC add capability to remove node/chassis_uuid 5 years ago
add-conductor-cli-233249ebc9d5a5f3.yaml Support for conductors exposed from API 3 years ago
add-create-command-3df5efbbecc33276.yaml Clean up release notes for 1.7 5 years ago
add-environment-variable-to-specify-version-cache-timeout-dfa5f6d4af0ea1d3.yaml Grammatical fixes for cache expiry feature 6 years ago
add-events-support-53c461d28abf010b.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
add-is-smartnic-port-attr-ed46d887aec276ed.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
add-json-option-0cf29be2a97e0212.yaml Improve output of --json option 6 years ago
add-neutron-integration-fields-cee7596c49722de6.yaml Updates supporting ironic-neutron integration 6 years ago
add-node-description-support-6efd0882eaa0c788.yaml Support node description 3 years ago
add-node-owner-c2dce5a6075ce2b7.yaml Add node owner 3 years ago
add-node-resource-class-6040d1d6c734522c.yaml Add support for node.resource_class 6 years ago
add-pecan-exc-construction-a776408f7ae110dc.yaml Print pecan exceptions properly 5 years ago
add-port-internal-info-74a03ebd8b0a3dfc.yaml Clean up release notes for 1.7 5 years ago
add-portgroup-mode-properties-0a3023cf905adaef.yaml Add mode and properties to portgroup OSC plugin 5 years ago
add-portgroups-support-c3cf3826093ee815.yaml Add python API and CLI for port groups 5 years ago
add-portgroups-to-create-command-6d685277f7af79df.yaml Allow creating portgroups via create commands 5 years ago
add-rescue-interface-to-node-and-driver-e3ff9b5df2628e5a.yaml Add rescue_interface to node and driver 4 years ago
add-rescue-unrescue-support-f78266514ca59346.yaml Add support for RESCUE and UNRESCUE provision states 4 years ago
add-vif-attach-detach-support-e680d64e4add0fa4.yaml Add interface attach/detach support 5 years ago
add-volume-connector-api-873090474d5e41b8.yaml Add volume connector support to Python API 5 years ago
add-volume-connector-cli-873090474d5e41b9.yaml Update volume release notes to fix reno 5 years ago
add-volume-target-api-e062303f4b3b40ef.yaml Add volume target support to Python API 5 years ago
add-volume-target-cli-e062303f4b3b40f0.yaml Update volume release notes to fix reno 5 years ago
add_api_versions-a59e5b6899833c33.yaml Support all API versions up to 1.latest 6 years ago
add_automated_clean_field-d2a0c824a4e90bf4.yaml Add management of automated_clean field 3 years ago
allocation-api-5f13082a8b36d788.yaml Allocation API: client API and CLI 3 years ago
allocation-backfill-4d4e51af2f787a72.yaml Allocation API: support allocation backfilling 3 years ago
allow-allocation-update-b4fb715045ab40a2.yaml Add allocation update API 3 years ago
allow-api-user-to-use-latest-6b80e9f584eaaa4e.yaml Facilitate latest Rest API use 4 years ago
allow-client-to-request-list-of-versions-88f019cad76e6464.yaml Allow API user to define list of versions 4 years ago
bug-1524745-adds-node-create-args-a7ace744515e5943.yaml Add args to CLI 'node-create' for selecting hardware interfaces 5 years ago
bug-1524745-extend-driver-list-and-driver-show-800d96393aa17342.yaml Extends driver-list, driver-show supporting new hardware types 5 years ago
bug-1524745-update-baremetal-node-set-c1ac57de0d481efe.yaml Update OSC baremetal node set/unset supporting dynamic drivers 5 years ago
bug-1712935-allow-os_baremetal_api_version_env_var_to_be_latest-28c8eed24f389673.yaml Clean up the release notes 4 years ago
bug-1724974-add-wanboot-to-supported-boot-devices.yaml Synchronize ironic and ironicclients list of boot devices 4 years ago
bug-1745099-allow-integer-portgroup-mode-6be4d3b35e216486.yaml Add release note for fix to bug 1745099 4 years ago
conductor-group-9cfab3756aa108e4.yaml Add support for conductor groups 4 years ago
configdrive-7bd2b67830691b2e.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
continue-del-next-node-8827e67e1c41a0a5.yaml continue to delete next node if failed with previous one 6 years ago
deploy-templates-df354ce825b00430.yaml Deploy templates: client support 3 years ago
deprecate-http-client-8d664e5ec50ec403.yaml Switch to none auth for standalone mode 4 years ago
deprecate-ironic-cli-686b7a238ddf3e25.yaml Clean up the release notes 4 years ago
display-empty-string-for-chassis-uuid-if-it-is-empty-a5471c3aa740a27d.yaml Fix display of chassis UUID field if empty 5 years ago
driver-properties-for-osc-07a99d2d4e166436.yaml Add OSC 'baremetal driver property list' command 5 years ago
drop-py-2-7-b0b950c0c2b6a667.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
endpoint-plus-version-4248f4f229dbc7dd.yaml Remove the requirement on either endpoint_override or os_ironic_api_version 2 years ago
endpoint-strip-dea59ccb05628a35.yaml Do not try to use /v1/v1 when endpoint_override is used 3 years ago
extend-vif-attach-commands-ef3a931413ddcee7.yaml Extend VIF attach commands 5 years ago
feature-parity-osc-cli-7606eed15f1c124f.yaml reno: feature parity between ironic & OSC 5 years ago
fix-owner-feature-2f3f0163ff307727.yaml Fix usage of --owner filter during node list 2 years ago
fix-python3-compatibility-993ace45fefcba34.yaml Fix python3 compatibility when HTTP Error are returned 5 years ago
fix-token-with-vhosts-5d0a6d53e807fa5e.yaml Clean up the release notes 4 years ago
implicit-version-warning-d34b99727b50d519.yaml Log warning when API version is not specified for the OSC plugin 5 years ago
implicit-version-warning-old-cli-fe34d423ae63544a.yaml Log warning when API version is not specified for the ironic tool 5 years ago
index-error-no-endpoint-eb281187f80a9aa4.yaml Fail with more meaningful error while creating client 6 years ago
instance-crash-dump-d845a31e72b5a9f7.yaml Follow up nits in the patch "ironic node-inject-nmi" 5 years ago
ironic-cli-version-a5cdec73d585444d.yaml Update release notes 4 years ago
ironic-create-files-fix-c31e40e566ff86b8.yaml 'ironic create' handles file args 5 years ago
keystone-token-auth-661a0c0d53c1b4de.yaml Use keystoneauth instead of keystoneclient 6 years ago
latest-baremetal-api-version-a20e3099e3b97a1b.yaml Support --os-baremetal-api-version latest 5 years ago
latest-default-41fdcc49701c4d70.yaml Update release notes 4 years ago
latest-renegotiation-55daa01b3fc261be.yaml Update release notes 4 years ago
list-nodes-by-driver-b1e1e1018077089b.yaml Add CLI to list nodes using the same driver. 6 years ago
manual-clean-09f6b49df7d2513f.yaml Add 'node-set-provision-state <node> clean' 6 years ago
missing-session-cc11e62dc966b4e0.yaml Make it clear that a Session is required for v1.client.Client 2 years ago
negative-wrap-fix-4197e91b2ecfb722.yaml Fixed wrap from taking negative values 5 years ago
no-osc-requirement-411f25fd10f18caa.yaml Do not depend on python-openstackclient 4 years ago
no-resource-attributeerror-d0cb327abab7dcc0.yaml If no resource, don't call Resource.to_dict() 5 years ago
node-deploy-step-061e8925dfee3918.yaml Support node's deploy_step field 4 years ago
node-driver-support-storage-interface-e93fc8d4de5d24d6.yaml Follow-up release note revision 5 years ago
node-fault-adbe74fd600063ee.yaml Power fault recovery: client support 4 years ago
not-ignore-delete-failtures-0783d33a606ed6f1.yaml Don't ignore failures when delete nodes 6 years ago
osc-baremetal-driver-raid-properties-159bd57058c0fc0e.yaml Add OSC 'baremetal driver raid property list' cmd 5 years ago
osc-baremetal-node-bios-setting-list-b062b31d0d4de337.yaml BIOS Settings support 4 years ago
osc-commands-1-7-d531960472a11ac2.yaml Clean up release notes for 1.7 5 years ago
osc-default-microver-172d6e69316e70c1.yaml Set OSC default baremetal api version as in ironicclient 5 years ago
osc-instance-crash-dump-22634a57104561a5.yaml Add a new OSC command for Inject NMI 5 years ago
osc-max-microver-22-dc0d91a62f03a2e6.yaml OSC plugin support microversions 1.21 & 1.22 5 years ago
osc-node-list-chassis-091d080684cdccf8.yaml Correct a couple small grammar things in release notes 5 years ago
osc-node-list-no-maintenance-ff1cef7cfbe60fb9.yaml Add --no-maintenance to OSC 'baremetal node list' 5 years ago
osc-node-list-option-driver-a2901ba6b4e1d3b5.yaml Adds --driver option to OSC "node list" command 5 years ago
osc-node-list-provisionstate-cd98dbddaad93e96.yaml OSC 'node list' recognizes all provision states 5 years ago
osc-node-list-unassociated-60e46958a0abc3e5.yaml Extend OSC "node list" cmd to fetch nodes without instance UUID 5 years ago
osc-node-power-on-off-c269980e3b9c79ca.yaml osc node power on & off commands 4 years ago
osc-node-rebuild-configdrive-8979d5b1373e8d5f.yaml Update release notes 4 years ago
osc-node-set-chassis-aae3413489b66b9b.yaml Adds --chassis-uuid to osc 'baremetal node set' 5 years ago
osc-plugin-9b5344aceb886cc1.yaml Add baremetal port show command to OSC plugin 6 years ago
osc-plugin-chassis-create-show-fix-ee276d707c5a5bdf.yaml Hide 'nodes' field from chassis OSC subcommands output 5 years ago
osc-plugin-f87e0fbb472261dd.yaml Add portgroup support to osc plugin 5 years ago
osc-plugin-ff0d897d8441a9e1.yaml fix typo 3 years ago
osc-plugin-node-create-show-fix-283148c86fbccce2.yaml Hide 'ports' field from node OSC subcommands output 5 years ago
osc-plugin-node-set-target-raid-config-5d538d6253902ecb.yaml Clean up release notes for 1.7 5 years ago
osc-plugin-set-unset-target-raid-config-9a1cecb5620eafda.yaml Clean up the release notes 4 years ago
osc-port-create-uuid-5da551b154540ef7.yaml Add --uuid option to OSC "port create" cmd 5 years ago
osc-port-set-llc-pxeenabled-21fd8ea1982af17e.yaml Update releasenote for osc-port-set 5 years ago
osc-soft-reboot-poweroff-121b8043567f54a9.yaml Support soft reboot and soft power off with timeout for OSC 5 years ago
osc-versioned-endpoint-fix-08f6b7af2f47a5d6.yaml Strip endpoint version in OSC plugin 5 years ago
osc-wait-option-for-provisioning-commands-b6f5b875d573c9c8.yaml Add --wait to OSC provisioning commands 5 years ago
oslo.config-f67bf37ea35dd7fe.yaml Make the dependency on oslo.config explicit 2 years ago
pass-interface-argument-deb92e3feb0bf051.yaml pass endpoint interface to http client 3 years ago
port-physical-network-6ea8860d773e473c.yaml Add physical network to port commands 5 years ago
prelude-2-0-release-ee44150902d3d399.yaml Update release notes 4 years ago
protected-72d7419245a4f6c3.yaml Support for protected and protected_reason fields 3 years ago
provision-state-adopt-d07b838813cecfb1.yaml Client addition for Active Node Creation verb adopt 6 years ago
provision-state-wait-e7ff919ce8e13703.yaml Clean up release notes for 1.7 5 years ago
raid_CLI_support-7e816ccd0fb31d2b.yaml Add CLI support for RAID configuration 6 years ago
remove-deprecated-endpoint-argument-fc0bd8099067e4ca.yaml Remove deprecated endpoint argument 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-http-client-c969f583573251e9.yaml Remove deprecated common.http.HTTPClient class 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-keystone-args-925ac5f3607a89a3.yaml Remove deprecated keystone arguments 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-osc-cmd-6dc980299d2fbde4.yaml Clean up the release notes 4 years ago
remove-ironic-command-5c9f7bc4946996e0.yaml Remove the ironic command 2 years ago
remove-llc-short-arg-89c7443acc6c54a4.yaml Correct a couple small grammar things in release notes 5 years ago
remove-states-field-0242960d121a09a7.yaml Remove 'states' field from OSC CLI output 5 years ago
reset-interface-bbd7a612242db399.yaml Support resetting interfaces to their default values 4 years ago
reset-interfaces-bec227bf933fea59.yaml Add support for reset_interfaces in node's PATCH 4 years ago
retry-on-keystone-auth-retriable-failures-91c08b9f8bdab7f3.yaml Catch RetriableConnectionFailures from KAuth and retry 6 years ago
session-client-endpoint-override-20f1d822b4430afa.yaml Set endpoint_override while doing session.request 6 years ago
show-required-arguments-in-help-commands-of-node-create-port-create-b213bb28bcc94743.yaml Update release note for fix to required args 5 years ago
soft-reboot-poweroff-e33d078a05db3894.yaml Add soft reboot/poweroff power states. 5 years ago
start-using-reno-ccd220efa2c7022a.yaml Add first reno-based release note 6 years ago
strip-prefix-when-paginating-6140465b1488828e.yaml Add release note for bug #2006216 2 years ago
switch-requests-8304d4465a8976b1.yaml Use requests lib in HTTPClient 6 years ago
traits-support-8864f6816abecdb2.yaml Traits support 4 years ago
typerror-132801fe4541fdb4.yaml Fix TypeError when using endpoint_override with SessionClient 2 years ago
version-overrides-4e9ba1266a238c6a.yaml Add microversion override for get and list 4 years ago
wait-for-prov-last-error-5f49b1c488879775.yaml Do not abort wait_for_provision_state of last_errors becomes non-empty 4 years ago