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M V P Nitesh 13858668f0 OSC command for magnum quota's
Implemented Openstack command for quotas-create, quotas-update,
quotas-delete, quotas-show and quotas-list.

Change-Id: I889c2384afdf4cf113345af646b865271784c40c
Partially-Implements: blueprint deprecate-magnum-client
(cherry picked from commit e6856282a3)
5 years ago
partial_osc_implementation_for_certificate-4597c20b59c152e1.yaml OSC command for ca-show, ca-sign, ca-roatate and stats-list 5 years ago
partial_osc_implementation_for_quotas-33f44c0496d721f8.yaml OSC command for magnum quota's 5 years ago