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  Ghanshyam Mann a68aaab172 [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal 7 months ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 2d4df937d5 Use unittest.mock instead of third party lib 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 1721e2871d Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 11 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9004a32d33 Cleanup py27 support 1 year ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi ac5ca461e8 [OSC] Init OpenStack Client implementation 2 years ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi d146a345c7 Drop 'clidoc' from sphinx extensions 3 years ago
  junboli 73315f2a89 Switch to use stestr instead of testr 3 years ago
  Doug Hellmann d04dcc5cfa add lower-constraints job 3 years ago