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Morgan Fainberg 8e49df6243 Add mailmap entry 9 years ago
Alex Meade 81794c14f8 Update my mailmap 9 years ago
Joe Gordon e2fe20b50d Update mailmap for Joe Gordon 9 years ago
hwbi fa2867f1bd Update mailmap 9 years ago
guoqingzhang d0619bc645 Update mailmap 9 years ago
Josh Kearney 2f7b032910 Pull in latest openstack-common changes and fix a minor PEP8 issue. 10 years ago
Brian Waldon 3f4591142f Use openstack-common for AUTHORS generation 11 years ago
Dan Prince 8632032a69 Fix spelling of curent in list sec groups. 11 years ago
Josh Kearney 149e00bcf5 Adds bash completion support and cleans up 11 years ago
Brian Waldon 36f26a5664 adding email to .mailmap 11 years ago
Josh Kearney c8b3b13615 Added .mailmap file for AUTHORS. 11 years ago