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Takashi Natsume d867ef6551 Replace old URLs with new ones 5 months ago
Stephen Finucane 52cdbd271e docs: Update docs to reflect deprecation status 8 months ago
Takashi NATSUME fe4138aea4 Updates for OpenDev transition 4 years ago
wu.chunyang 4cca340520 Add release note link in README 4 years ago
Chen b3cca2ba62 Remove PyPI downloads 5 years ago
Tovin Seven f4d927c358 Trivial: Update pypi url to new url 5 years ago
Takashi NATSUME 561b35a8a8 Update URLs in docs, comments and setup.cfg 5 years ago
Stephen Finucane e11efd8d76 doc: Create directory structure for docs migration 5 years ago
Flavio Percoco 00d5f56a33 Show team and repo badges on README 6 years ago
Joao Targino 5f63dee350 Update README to comply with Identity v3 7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 1adad69789 Fix URLs for CLI Reference and API 7 years ago
ricolin 18ea9dca18 improve readme contents 7 years ago
Andrey Kurilin a96e9d57c5 Restrict direct usage of novaclient.v2.client 7 years ago
melanie witt efe988d29a Cleanup various inaccuracies in the README.rst 8 years ago
Tony Breeds bffd79d64c Update weblinks 8 years ago
Monty Taylor 22569f218e Use clouds.yaml for functional test credentials 8 years ago
Sean Dague 6379287480 pass credentials via config file instead of magic 8 years ago
Doug Hellmann af7c850bb8 Update README to work with release tools 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 0a60aae852 Rename v1_1 to v2 8 years ago
Jeremy Stanley c4233cfd2a Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 8 years ago
igormilovanovic c204613ee4 Quickstart (README) doc should refer to nova 8 years ago
Chris Yeoh ec6a5e803c Removes copy of output of 'nova help' from README 9 years ago
Dan Smith 04a123cdee Add os-server-external-events support 9 years ago
Chris Buccella b8ab45f390 Discrepancy between README.rst and nova help 9 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 83118620d2 Fix the help text process and the generated wrong help 9 years ago
Zhenguo Niu 66a98966bf Add update method of security group name and description 10 years ago
Shane Wang 3c97f768e5 Cleanup some flavor commands 10 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 609cbcef17 Fix keypair-delete help documents 10 years ago
Daniel P. Berrange 5b8099cd0e Add support for get_spice_console RPC API 10 years ago
Kravchenko Pavel 9e319ece37 Add support for instance evacuate. 10 years ago
Lorin Hochstein eb7c3907d1 Update README.rst 10 years ago
Dean Troyer 9101741960 Change '_' to '-' in options 10 years ago
Joe Gordon 983b28d051 Fix spelling errors in aggregates section 11 years ago
Vishvananda Ishaya 5c5b098f7c Add start and stop to server actions 11 years ago
Your Name ed3a2bb722 update README.rst,add args "service_type" when getting endpoints. 11 years ago
Josh Kearney 765f551a26 Rename NOVA_VERSION to OS_COMPUTE_API_VERSION. 11 years ago
jakedahn 7615e513be Adding Console Log to CLI 11 years ago
Dean Troyer cc72d6dfe2 Change CLIAuth arg names 11 years ago
Anthony Young f90aa8c91a Add suport for instance locking/unlocking. 11 years ago
Armando Migliaccio ddc1b2c083 bug 932408: python-novaclient miss OSAPI host operations 11 years ago
Chris Behrens 6fe77972f5 Removes zones 11 years ago
Dean Troyer e2d869d1da Fixes bug 924588: Remove proto-keystone client from novaclient 11 years ago
John Garbutt 0213eb4c0a blueprint host-aggregates: client bindings 11 years ago
jakedahn 36be4bf575 Implementing client for new x509 support in nova. 11 years ago
Cole Robinson 65eb4a9fb2 Add flavor create/delete support 11 years ago
Cole Robinson c3b043be0e Add a 'usage' module and 'usage-list' cli command 11 years ago
Anthony Young 2c6c34dd11 Add server.get_vnc_console functionality to python-novaclient 11 years ago
jakedahn d7fb1f33cc Implementing Floating Ip Pools. 11 years ago
Rick Harris 3661be6673 Removed v1.0 support. 11 years ago
Rick Harris bb879dd10b Adding extension framework. 11 years ago