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  Andrey Kurilin 0a60aae852 Rename v1_1 to v2 4 years ago
  Rick Harris b3f48f7064 Making contrib a Python package 7 years ago
  Brian Lamar 454daa2cba Tests working again...merged in some work we did earlier. 7 years ago
  Brian Lamar f8496672cc Split everything down the middle into v1_0 and v1_1, including tests. 7 years ago
  Sandy Walsh d76d6c9f1f fixed public private ip list 7 years ago
  Ed Leafe eb0d5c75b7 Added support for request timeouts. 7 years ago
  Matt Dietz 129d56611c Added a method to create instances on behalf of an account via the admin API methods for openstack 7 years ago
  Lvov Maxim 882a266387 fix errors 7 years ago
  Lvov Maxim 0853ebebed support for project id header 7 years ago
  Sandy Walsh bcf65fe16e version 2.4 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh 8e615f4446 Added Jacob Kaplan-Moss copyright notices on older/untouched files. 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh bd18c7e429 renamed to novaclient and fixed flavor tests 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh edff3ce1f4 tweaked release notes 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh cc27b6d459 renamed cmdline tool from novatools to nova. Changed version to 2.1. Changed license to Apache. Added copyright notices. Cleaner exception reporting in non-debug scnario. 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh 7dddd46f01 zone tests pass 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh 4e2f2e21d3 Renamed all CloudServers to OpenStack and python-cloudservers to python-novatools 8 years ago
  Sandy Walsh f900d999a5 README update and rename cloudservers to novatools 8 years ago
  Josh Kearney 7304ed80df Initial commit from fork 8 years ago