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Andrey Kurilin ccff3d3c94 Remove all imports from oslo namespace 8 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi c4d2f92116 Fix typo on class Client sample 8 years ago
Rajiv Kumar 88beed19db Combine test cases for checking nova limits response 8 years ago
Eugeniya Kudryashova d614dbcab9 Fix repr of FloatingIPBulk 8 years ago
tengqm 038c0dc624 Fix comments on metadata number limitation 8 years ago
yatinkarel 4cef067d41 Corrected help for nova boot when attaching block device 8 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 1c39f8fabf Don't record time when self.timing is False 8 years ago
jichenjc 8679eedb83 Revert 'Remove image to local block device mapping' 8 years ago
melanie witt e0f5072907 Ensure the use of volume endpoint in volumes apis 8 years ago
melanie witt 7b1734d44e Add missing servers.create parameter documentation 8 years ago
Ian Wienand e9c70598f3 Add Client object to documentation 8 years ago
melanie witt 8c0baaea57 Add a test for the TCPKeepAliveAdapter 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 1b512da159 Update help message for nova boot --file 8 years ago
David Moreau Simard 689a884e18 Fix typo in socket attribute name 8 years ago
Anand Shanmugam 41ef74971e nova client cinder query param changed to display_name 8 years ago
Abhishek Talwar 4e79285b45 nova flavor-show command is inconsistent 8 years ago
Chris St. Pierre b7972478ff Update help messages for default security group commands 8 years ago
Joe Gordon cf03aeb436 Add functional testing README 8 years ago
Pavel Kholkin 560eeafb6d Cleanup in asserts in python-novaclient 8 years ago
Pavel Kholkin 9f4d64a1bf Cleanup in test_images and image_fakes 8 years ago
Pavel Kholkin 5f3f52e7db Fix description of parameters in nova-client functions 8 years ago
Sergey Nikitin 53f0c5428f Enable check for E124 rule 8 years ago
Sergey Nikitin 4f9797a659 Removed unused 'e' from 'try except' statements 8 years ago
yatin karel e6883d24d0 allow --endpoint-type internal|admin|public 8 years ago
Pavel Kholkin f2a581ee28 Fixed redeclared test_names 8 years ago
Sean Dague be41ae238d add functional test for nova volume-attach bug 8 years ago
Andrew Laski ac6636a54d Revert "Overhaul bash-completion to support non-UUID based IDs" 8 years ago
Haiwei Xu dfc752d725 Change commands name from net-* to tenant-network-* 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 27cd393028 Copy functional tests from tempest cli read only 8 years ago
Ritesh Paiboina a0481e1c80 Add all tenants search opt to del instnce by name 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin f84c6531fd Check 'auth_url' is presented while authentication 8 years ago
Abhishek Talwar 2504f39ce3 Wrong help for nova usage command 8 years ago
Natsuki Maruyama 45000677ec Add support for keypair-add command reading public key from stdin 8 years ago
melanie witt edb42ed4dc Compare dicts for POST data in test_client_reauth 8 years ago
zhangjl 5b598ab4e1 Remove image to local block device mapping 8 years ago
Ikuo Kumagai 9a6a7664c2 Change the unsuitable item caching for completion 8 years ago
Sergey Nikitin aeb8c0c5e9 Moved set of asserts from post_servers_1234_action methods. 8 years ago
Tomofumi Hayashi 0fd8816aa5 Change logic in find_resource() to identify upper-case/lower-case name. 8 years ago
Joe Gordon d11f960c58 Add first pass at post_test_hook for functional tests 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 0a60aae852 Rename v1_1 to v2 8 years ago
Rui Chen 4e76f9590b Fix issue of quota-show and quota-defaults 8 years ago
James Penick a5ea58fec9 Refer to the admin password consistently 8 years ago
Katie McLaughlin 39dac3140c Update volumes.get() docstring to correctly reflect functionality 8 years ago
Joe Gordon b89da9be28 First pass at tempest_lib based functional testing 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 3561772f8b Move unit tests into unit test directory 8 years ago
Ian Cordasco 7713fa0b18 Use TCP Keep-Alive on the socket level 8 years ago
Christian Berendt c58bc211f7 In strings/comments change Ip/ip to IP 8 years ago
Pedro Navarro 9ee6d696e2 Improving the help of the lock command 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 0eb2e72d38 Move to hacking 0.10 8 years ago
Matthew Gilliard b5e36ced8f Adds separate class for Hypervisor Stats 8 years ago