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13 Commits (5eab1430f2a7a91e2df22405913f328c9870b2e3)

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Andrey Kurilin ccff3d3c94 Remove all imports from oslo namespace 8 years ago
jichenjc 8679eedb83 Revert 'Remove image to local block device mapping' 8 years ago
Anand Shanmugam 41ef74971e nova client cinder query param changed to display_name 8 years ago
Abhishek Talwar 4e79285b45 nova flavor-show command is inconsistent 8 years ago
Haiwei Xu dfc752d725 Change commands name from net-* to tenant-network-* 8 years ago
Ritesh Paiboina a0481e1c80 Add all tenants search opt to del instnce by name 8 years ago
Natsuki Maruyama 45000677ec Add support for keypair-add command reading public key from stdin 8 years ago
zhangjl 5b598ab4e1 Remove image to local block device mapping 8 years ago
Tomofumi Hayashi 0fd8816aa5 Change logic in find_resource() to identify upper-case/lower-case name. 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 0a60aae852 Rename v1_1 to v2 8 years ago
Rui Chen 4e76f9590b Fix issue of quota-show and quota-defaults 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 3561772f8b Move unit tests into unit test directory 8 years ago
Steven Kaufer 4b530bf9d6 novaclient sort parameters support 8 years ago
Eugeniya Kudryashova 2126b93e68 Fix E128 failures in novaclient/tests 8 years ago
David Hu 8597a0c234 Support using the Keystone V3 API from the Nova CLI 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin ae6c39397e Enable check for E127 8 years ago
M. David Bennett b6db84c9f8 Add missing parameters for server rescue 8 years ago
Amandeep 2d6047ffb4 no way to delete valid/invalid security rule 8 years ago
Phil Day 2e64986532 Add list by user to shell 8 years ago
Chris Yeoh bd65fde64c secgroup-create description is not optional 8 years ago
Ala Rezmerita a400b58d03 Live migrate each instance from one host to other hosts 8 years ago
Cyril Roelandt 730fa4d0b2 Add support for the server group quotas 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 07260236ab Make findall support server side filtering 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 392148c7ef Use oslo.utils 8 years ago
Rafi Khardalian cc4f3dfc9c Enhance network-list to allow --fields 8 years ago
Juan Manuel Olle fe95fe48fc Adding Nova Client support for auto find host APIv2 8 years ago
Zhengguang 3955440ef2 Fix the return code of the command "delete" 8 years ago
liaonanhai 9561e620e2 Fix order of arguments in assertEquals 8 years ago
Jaroslav Henner ff4af92b6d Allow selecting the network for doing the ssh with 8 years ago
Vishvananda Ishaya c59a0c8748 Add support for new fields in network create 8 years ago
Sanjay Kumar Singh 0ff4afc8e9 Description is mandatory parameter when creating Security Group 8 years ago
Russell Bryant d678dd2955 Revert "Reuse exceptions from Oslo" 8 years ago
ozg 3b8f009700 Adding multiple server support to nova reset-state 8 years ago
Yaguang Tang 94beacd7e9 Fix the wrong dest of 'vlan' option and add new 'vlan_start' option 8 years ago
Laurens Van Houtven 6ee0b28e64 Filter endpoints by region whenever possible 8 years ago
liyingjun 32d13a6ec7 Add missing parameters for server rebuild 8 years ago
liyingjun 58cdcabf1c Fix booting from volume when using api v3 8 years ago
Abhishek Chanda a20284ebe8 Add some security group tests for the V1_1 API 8 years ago
Matt Riedemann 3441007062 Allow updating fixed_ips quotas in quota-class-update (v2 shell only) 8 years ago
Daniel P. Berrange d17253b29a Look for all accessible flavors by default, not just public ones 8 years ago
Jyotsna b78c0d4f46 "nova boot" should not log an error if subsidiary commands fail 8 years ago
wingwj 376fd9f5bb 'policy' should be required in server_group_create 8 years ago
neetu 762bf69c36 Adding cornercases for set_metadata 8 years ago
Sergio Cazzolato d05da4e985 Revert "Remove quota-class subcommand" 8 years ago
Jamie Lennox ecebc308b3 In Py3 decode the output of base64.decode 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 28c89580af Allow the default value of 1 to be set for boot multiple 9 years ago
Jay Lau afbf4e4be0 Enable delete multiple server groups in one request 9 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 9f6679ebd3 Make port-id and net-id keys mutually exclusive 9 years ago
Joe Gordon 8c8448d035 Remove duplicate test test_boot_multiple 9 years ago
Joe Gordon 1e7ad37b8a Deprecate num-instances in favor of min/max count 9 years ago