12 Commits (61ef35fe79e2a3a76987a92f9ee2db0bf1f6e651)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Andrey Kurilin 61ef35fe79 Deprecate v1.1 and remove v3 7 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 1c39f8fabf Don't record time when self.timing is False 8 years ago
melanie witt e0f5072907 Ensure the use of volume endpoint in volumes apis 8 years ago
melanie witt 8c0baaea57 Add a test for the TCPKeepAliveAdapter 8 years ago
Pavel Kholkin 560eeafb6d Cleanup in asserts in python-novaclient 8 years ago
Sergey Nikitin 53f0c5428f Enable check for E124 rule 8 years ago
Andrew Laski ac6636a54d Revert "Overhaul bash-completion to support non-UUID based IDs" 8 years ago
melanie witt edb42ed4dc Compare dicts for POST data in test_client_reauth 8 years ago
Ikuo Kumagai 9a6a7664c2 Change the unsuitable item caching for completion 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 0a60aae852 Rename v1_1 to v2 8 years ago
Joe Gordon 3561772f8b Move unit tests into unit test directory 8 years ago
Ian Cordasco 7713fa0b18 Use TCP Keep-Alive on the socket level 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin cc62efef41 Remove code related to V3 8 years ago
Eugeniya Kudryashova 2126b93e68 Fix E128 failures in novaclient/tests 8 years ago
sridhargaddam e91d469704 Curl statements to include globoff for IPv6 URLs 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin ae6c39397e Enable check for E127 8 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 8b8aa499e1 Enable check for E123 8 years ago
liaonanhai 9561e620e2 Fix order of arguments in assertEquals 8 years ago
Qin Zhao 60d1283968 Don't log sensitive auth data 8 years ago
Christian Berendt d51b546774 Enabled hacking checks H305 and H307 8 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 67585ab36e Add "version-list" for listing REST API versions 8 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 88d0b6f2d9 Enable F841 8 years ago
Sean Dague ef91a5732a adjust to {SHA1} convention for token 8 years ago
Sean Dague 40d814b02e mask keystone token in debug output 8 years ago
Boris Pavlovic 98934d7bf1 Fix session handling in novaclient 8 years ago
Arata Notsu 4cfaa4a61c Do auth_url.rstrip('/') only if auth_url is set 9 years ago
zhang-jinnan 93f9e68ca2 Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests 9 years ago
Alexis Lee bd9ebc5d27 Don't call CS if a token + URL are provided 9 years ago
lizheming 40e433469d assertTrue(isinstance) replace by assertIsInstance 9 years ago
Sushil Kumar 3ecaeb416e Enables H306 pep8 rules 9 years ago
Kui Shi e5a193ac43 py33: unify the input of request to json format 9 years ago
Dirk Mueller ebee5e91b7 assertEquals is deprecated, use assertEqual 9 years ago
Vitaliy Kolosov 7edda206b1 Small bugfix for client v3 9 years ago
Vitaliy Kolosov 3523ba90f6 Unittests added for client v1_1 9 years ago
Eoghan Glynn 909a53b161 Discard possibly expired token before re-authenticating 9 years ago
Monty Taylor c34c371e96 Move tests into the novaclient package. 9 years ago
Roman Podolyaka 27e904af69 Use HTTP keep-alive feature in HTTPClient class 9 years ago
Davanum Srinivas c5b579926f Fix Copyright Headers from LLC to Foundation 10 years ago
Sascha Peilicke c73afa9fd1 Update to requests >= 0.8 10 years ago
Joshua Harlow 9fd2c8a59d Allow request timeout to be specified. 10 years ago
Monty Taylor 53aee5cf4b Move from untitest2 to testtools. 10 years ago
Dan Prince e483455a12 Adds --os-cache to replace old --no-cache. 10 years ago
Brian Waldon e0174b51bd Abstract Client building into novaclient.client 11 years ago
Brian Lamar f8496672cc Split everything down the middle into v1_0 and v1_1, including tests. 11 years ago
Sandy Walsh 961d757e70 fixed project_id tests 11 years ago
Sandy Walsh bd18c7e429 renamed to novaclient and fixed flavor tests 12 years ago
Sandy Walsh f0c713658f tests pass again 12 years ago
Josh Kearney 7304ed80df Initial commit from fork 12 years ago