OpenStack Compute (Nova) Client
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# Copyright 2010 Jacob Kaplan-Moss
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
Flavor interface.
from oslo_utils import strutils
from novaclient import api_versions
from novaclient import base
from novaclient import exceptions
from novaclient.i18n import _
from novaclient import utils
class Flavor(base.Resource):
"""A flavor is an available hardware configuration for a server."""
def __repr__(self):
return "<Flavor: %s>" %
def ephemeral(self):
"""Provide a user-friendly accessor to OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral."""
return self._info.get("OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral", 'N/A')
def is_public(self):
"""Provide a user-friendly accessor to os-flavor-access:is_public."""
return self._info.get("os-flavor-access:is_public", 'N/A')
def get_keys(self):
Get extra specs from a flavor.
:returns: An instance of novaclient.base.DictWithMeta
resp, body = self.manager.api.client.get(
"/flavors/%s/os-extra_specs" % base.getid(self))
return self.manager.convert_into_with_meta(body["extra_specs"], resp)
def set_keys(self, metadata):
"""Set extra specs on a flavor.
:param metadata: A dict of key/value pairs to be set
body = {'extra_specs': metadata}
return self.manager._create(
"/flavors/%s/os-extra_specs" % base.getid(self), body,
"extra_specs", return_raw=True)
def unset_keys(self, keys):
"""Unset extra specs on a flavor.
:param keys: A list of keys to be unset
:returns: An instance of novaclient.base.TupleWithMeta
result = base.TupleWithMeta((), None)
for k in keys:
ret = self.manager._delete(
"/flavors/%s/os-extra_specs/%s" % (base.getid(self), k))
return result
def delete(self):
Delete this flavor.
:returns: An instance of novaclient.base.TupleWithMeta
return self.manager.delete(self)
def update(self, description=None):
Update the description for this flavor.
:param description: The description to set on the flavor.
:returns: :class:`Flavor`
return self.manager.update(self, description=description)
class FlavorManager(base.ManagerWithFind):
"""Manage :class:`Flavor` resources."""
resource_class = Flavor
is_alphanum_id_allowed = True
def list(self, detailed=True, is_public=True, marker=None, min_disk=None,
min_ram=None, limit=None, sort_key=None, sort_dir=None):
"""Get a list of all flavors.
:param detailed: Whether flavor needs to be return with details
:param is_public: Filter flavors with provided access type (optional).
None means give all flavors and only admin has query
access to all flavor types.
:param marker: Begin returning flavors that appear later in the flavor
list than that represented by this flavor id (optional).
:param min_disk: Filters the flavors by a minimum disk space, in GiB.
:param min_ram: Filters the flavors by a minimum RAM, in MiB.
:param limit: maximum number of flavors to return (optional).
Note the API server has a configurable default limit.
If no limit is specified here or limit is larger than
default, the default limit will be used.
:param sort_key: Flavors list sort key (optional).
:param sort_dir: Flavors list sort direction (optional).
:returns: list of :class:`Flavor`.
qparams = {}
# is_public is ternary - None means give all flavors.
# By default Nova assumes True and gives admins public flavors
# and flavors from their own projects only.
if marker:
qparams['marker'] = str(marker)
if min_disk:
qparams['minDisk'] = int(min_disk)
if min_ram:
qparams['minRam'] = int(min_ram)
if limit:
qparams['limit'] = int(limit)
if sort_key:
qparams['sort_key'] = str(sort_key)
if sort_dir:
qparams['sort_dir'] = str(sort_dir)
if not is_public:
qparams['is_public'] = is_public
detail = ""
if detailed:
detail = "/detail"
return self._list("/flavors%s" % detail, "flavors", filters=qparams)
def get(self, flavor):
"""Get a specific flavor.
:param flavor: The ID of the :class:`Flavor` to get.
:returns: :class:`Flavor`
return self._get("/flavors/%s" % base.getid(flavor), "flavor")
def delete(self, flavor):
"""Delete a specific flavor.
:param flavor: Instance of :class:`Flavor` to delete or ID of the
flavor to delete.
:returns: An instance of novaclient.base.TupleWithMeta
return self._delete("/flavors/%s" % base.getid(flavor))
def _build_body(self, name, ram, vcpus, disk, id, swap,
ephemeral, rxtx_factor, is_public):
return {
"flavor": {
"name": name,
"ram": ram,
"vcpus": vcpus,
"disk": disk,
"id": id,
"swap": swap,
"OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral": ephemeral,
"rxtx_factor": rxtx_factor,
"os-flavor-access:is_public": is_public,
def create(self, name, ram, vcpus, disk, flavorid="auto",
ephemeral=0, swap=0, rxtx_factor=1.0, is_public=True,
"""Create a flavor.
:param name: Descriptive name of the flavor
:param ram: Memory in MiB for the flavor
:param vcpus: Number of VCPUs for the flavor
:param disk: Size of local disk in GiB
:param flavorid: ID for the flavor (optional). You can use the reserved
value ``"auto"`` to have Nova generate a UUID for the
flavor in cases where you cannot simply pass ``None``.
:param ephemeral: Ephemeral disk space in GiB.
:param swap: Swap space in MiB
:param rxtx_factor: RX/TX factor
:param is_public: Whether or not the flavor is public.
:param description: A free form description of the flavor.
Limited to 65535 characters in length.
Only printable characters are allowed.
(Available starting with microversion 2.55)
:returns: :class:`Flavor`
ram = int(ram)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("Ram must be an integer."))
vcpus = int(vcpus)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("VCPUs must be an integer."))
disk = int(disk)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("Disk must be an integer."))
if flavorid == "auto":
flavorid = None
swap = int(swap)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("Swap must be an integer."))
ephemeral = int(ephemeral)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("Ephemeral must be an integer."))
rxtx_factor = float(rxtx_factor)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("rxtx_factor must be a float."))
is_public = strutils.bool_from_string(is_public, True)
except Exception:
raise exceptions.CommandError(_("is_public must be a boolean."))
supports_description = api_versions.APIVersion('2.55')
if description and self.api_version < supports_description:
raise exceptions.UnsupportedAttribute('description', '2.55')
body = self._build_body(name, ram, vcpus, disk, flavorid, swap,
ephemeral, rxtx_factor, is_public)
if description:
body['flavor']['description'] = description
return self._create("/flavors", body, "flavor")
def update(self, flavor, description=None):
Update the description of the flavor.
:param flavor: The :class:`Flavor` (or its ID) to update.
:param description: The description to set on the flavor.
body = {
'flavor': {
'description': description
return self._update('/flavors/%s' % base.getid(flavor), body, 'flavor')