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melanie witt 8c0baaea57
Add a test for the TCPKeepAliveAdapter
8 years ago
openstack Curl statements to include globoff for IPv6 URLs 8 years ago
tests Add a test for the TCPKeepAliveAdapter 8 years ago
v1_1 Rename v1_1 to v2 8 years ago
v2 Fix description of parameters in nova-client functions 8 years ago Migrate to pbr. 10 years ago debug level logs should not be translated 9 years ago Revert "Overhaul bash-completion to support non-UUID based IDs" 8 years ago Fix typo in socket attribute name 8 years ago Corrects typos "coearse," "proejct," and "unecrypts" 8 years ago Add retry_after only to exceptions supporting it 8 years ago Use common code instead of novaclient.utils 8 years ago Port to use oslo.i18n 8 years ago Enable check for E127 8 years ago Merge "allow --endpoint-type internal|admin|public" 8 years ago Change logic in find_resource() to identify upper-case/lower-case name. 8 years ago