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  Bar RH 3f0ab0ea75 Add VIP QoS Policy client support 4 years ago
  Michael Johnson c7100d548f Fix release notes theme 4 years ago
  Bar RH 922edce32a Complement Octavia client with a set of features 4 years ago
  Carlos Goncalves 6dcd7405bb Add Quota client API and OSC support 4 years ago
  OpenStack Release Bot fb70b4e260 Update reno for stable/pike 4 years ago
  Adam Harwell 00259b646d Add hacking checks 4 years ago
  Ankur Gupta 970a232dc0 Initialize plugin for OSC 4 years ago
  Michael Johnson 691393f2f2 Initial setup of the python-octaviaclient repo 4 years ago