21 Commits (dfcdd57bd1241845ddea221590a670734426529b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gregory Thiemonge dfcdd57bd1 Improve error messages in list/show calls 7 months ago
Michael Johnson 4ca156a5fc Add amphora delete command 1 year ago
Carlos Goncalves 09f8acc306 Fix new pylint errors 1 year ago
Michael Johnson 1222d3510c Align python-octaviaclient to octavia coding style 2 years ago
Michael Johnson 74ebe6071d Fix Octavia client for API endpoint 503 2 years ago
Sam Morrison 4033c41790 Add support for availability zone [profiles] 2 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 0b4a4ce126 Add amphora stats show API and CLI 2 years ago
Zane Bitter 400a3a73e0 Fix API breakage due to new exceptions module 2 years ago
Adam Harwell ae244fcf25 Add "--wait" functionality 2 years ago
Andrey Kurilin 02256c83e9 Wrap several show api calls with correct_return_codes 2 years ago
Michael Johnson 14875d44d4 Make sure we always requests JSON responses 3 years ago
Michael Johnson bd339e1b02 Adds loadbalancer amphora configure to OSC 3 years ago
yangjianfeng 7a9f6f2f32 Add some commands for octavia flavor and flavor_profile 3 years ago
yangjianfeng 17a284ee36 Add provider command support 3 years ago
yangjianfeng a90ce2173f Fixed some typos 3 years ago
huangshan 15a47068d0 Add failover an amphora client support 4 years ago
huangshan 0ab3e56a23 Add loadbalancer status show client api and osc 3 years ago
huangshan 6ec5b30299 Add listener stats client api and osc 4 years ago
Bar RH 922edce32a Complement Octavia client with a set of features 4 years ago