Client components for Octavia
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Gregory Thiemonge dfcdd57bd1 Improve error messages in list/show calls 3 months ago
.placeholder Initial setup of the python-octaviaclient repo 4 years ago
Add-proxyv2-7a540796c60241c3.yaml Add support for PROXYV2 protocol 7 months ago
Add-support-for-UDP-5476caa65b1253a6.yaml LB support UDP - Client part 3 years ago
Add-unset-commands-15490df414a70df0.yaml Adds "unset" action to the quota command 2 years ago
Client-to-request-JSON-responses-8d942dafca785c70.yaml Make sure we always requests JSON responses 2 years ago
add-ability-set-listener-cipher-list-fe379d0d0821ed42.yaml Add the ability to specify the cipher list for a listener 1 year ago
add-ability-set-pool-cipher-list-70128f983506fbdb.yaml Add the ability to specify the cipher list for a pool 1 year ago
add-alpn-support-listeners-6508704b5c8944d2.yaml Add ALPN support for listeners 9 months ago
add-amphora-configure-command-cda75053a72c0cdf.yaml Adds loadbalancer amphora configure to OSC 2 years ago
add-amphora-delete-0fe5f2097da92b5c.yaml Add amphora delete command 8 months ago
add-amphora-stats-show-48bc0fadf08f1057.yaml Add amphora stats show API and CLI 1 year ago
add-amphorae-failover-suuport-9fa0b1c25026e123.yaml Add failover an amphora client support 2 years ago
add-az-and-profiles-ed79c945c4e0d418.yaml Add support for availability zone [profiles] 1 year ago
add-flavor-support-75c6d5bec48b1d18.yaml Add some commands for octavia flavor and flavor_profile 2 years ago
add-l7policy-and-l7rule-quota-support-73098a090b252901.yaml Add l7policy and l7rule to octavia quota 1 year ago
add-lb-algorithm-source-ip-port-3e2d4b60f6916259.yaml Add support for SOURCE_IP_PORT algorithm 2 years ago
add-lb-flavor-b917faa0298c3a74.yaml Add load balancer flavor support to the OSC client 2 years ago
add-listener-allowed-cirds-2ef9fa2e1c650166.yaml Add support to VIP access control list 2 years ago
add-new-commands-and-options-d520b36d870cbcb4.yaml Complement Octavia client with a set of features 3 years ago
add-pool-tls-alpn-support-59758ea78c78952e.yaml Add ALPN support for pools 3 months ago
add-provider-load-balancer-create-4d151209dee32f81.yaml Add --provider to load balancer create 2 years ago
add-qos-policy-argument-1741126d759630da.yaml Add VIP QoS Policy client support 3 years ago
add-quota-support-effed2cf2a8c7ad4.yaml Add Quota client API and OSC support 3 years ago
add-redirect-prefix-2f66455b3eacf5b6.yaml Support REDIRECT_PREFIX for openstack client 2 years ago
add-support-for-provider-4e60045ea54f1d30.yaml Add provider command support 2 years ago
add-support-for-sctp-protocol-f23b58db8522cc4b.yaml Add SCTP support 8 months ago
add-tag-support-01087c4b3c4360dc.yaml Add tag support for Octavia resources 6 months ago
add-tls-version-support-for-listeners-4a6a661af5f9de9a.yaml Add the ability to specify TLS protocols for a listener 1 year ago
add-tls-version-support-to-pools-852f02b034f436f9.yaml Add the ability to specify TLS protocols for a pool 12 months ago
add-tls-versions-ciphers-unsets-8d06a502c8ad38ff.yaml Add TLS versions and ciphers unsets 9 months ago
add-wait-option-to-CUD-commands-97375387e7762b83.yaml Add "--wait" functionality 2 years ago
add_backup_member_support-8b406bb72654ba88.yaml Support backup members 3 years ago
add_loadbalancer_status_support-f960d89f1b77fd16.yaml Add loadbalancer status show client api and osc 3 years ago
amphora-list-long-option-55390b5abef5b82e.yaml Add --long to amphora-list to show more columns 1 year ago
drop-python-2-7-7b427838d72ef248.yaml Stop testing python 2 2 years ago
exposed-timeouts-eb29f55de5e56261.yaml Add timeout options to listener resource 3 years ago
improve-error-messages-for-invalid-calls-bc9eb3d18d3e4fdf.yaml Improve error messages in list/show calls 3 months ago
initial-list-command-90c9fa39fc10540e.yaml Initialize plugin for OSC 4 years ago
list-l7policies-by-listener-a11322c8e03a11e9.yaml List l7poclies by listener 2 years ago
listener-stats-db49f99a8a0dd90f.yaml Update and add listener stats release notes 3 years ago
load-balancer-commands-options-83cfdbb1bc5d8998.yaml Add some filter options to load balancer list command 3 years ago
show-command-enhancement-df414a70df0a7089.yml Do not get all resources if ID is passed 2 years ago