Add bindep file

We're missing one of these, which means starting from a bare node
it's not completely possible to install openstackclient based only
on bindep and pip. Add one that allows building and installing.

Change-Id: I7b297bb1485773df3d5d1cc3ba78b0b9af4b2d00
Monty Taylor 3 years ago
parent e07324e30f
commit 0699df95c8

@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
# This is a cross-platform list tracking distribution packages needed by tests;
# see for additional information.
gcc [compile test]
libffi-devel [platform:rpm]
libffi-dev [compile test platform:dpkg]
libffi6 [platform:dpkg]
libssl-dev [compile test platform:dpkg]
python3-dev [compile test platform:dpkg]
python3-devel [compile test platform:rpm]