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Iswarya_Vakati f4f1a51692 Updated coverage configuration file
removed unneccassary directories in .coveragerc file

it is no longer valid, we no longer use content from oslo-incubator

Change-Id: I0b361617e855aae322009b97697dcc13a394ceba
7 years ago
Monty Taylor 0857da76d9 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
Needed for coverage 4.0

Change-Id: I38a9361df07f290ea3588996462bbbc1a6d7b8d8
8 years ago
Alessio Ababilov 1c44d260dc Update .coveragerc
Set up proper source and omit options.

Change-Id: Ia067d229eb3d7a5806364de22724c16166950bc1
Implements: blueprint update-coveragerc
10 years ago