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Artem Goncharov 99b5adf9c6 Fix gate due to switch to focal
In focal we do not have libffi6.
cffi and greenlet versions in lower-contraints are too old.

Change-Id: Iab3634039845adb649c7fd69d1812b405a61433c
3 years ago
Monty Taylor 97d027caec Add libc6-dev to bindep
The python-builder base image was updated to no longer install
recommends. This is inline with the other Infra images and keeps
image sizes smaller. gcc recommended libc6-dev - but it turns out
we need that for limits.h for one of our depends. Add it to fix
our image builds.

Change-Id: I97950d71bc455c269490812c6597fbe432641733
3 years ago
Monty Taylor 0699df95c8 Add bindep file
We're missing one of these, which means starting from a bare node
it's not completely possible to install openstackclient based only
on bindep and pip. Add one that allows building and installing.

Change-Id: I7b297bb1485773df3d5d1cc3ba78b0b9af4b2d00
3 years ago