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Dean Troyer 589a65c3fe Fix Nova-net netowrk commands
In cleaning up functional tests for nova-net, I discovered some
problems in network create:
* --subnet option is required in network create command
* Switch API to use /os-networks rather than /os-tenant-networks as this
  is what we were actually using via novaclient
* Fix functional tests for nova-net
* Normalize some private function names in network/v2/

Change-Id: I426b864406756d58d140575a3a45ee9aee67ce84
6 years ago
Dean Troyer 107cad200a Low-level Compute v2 API: floating ip pool
api.compute.APIv2 floating ip pool function.

novaclient 8.0 is now released without support for the previously
deprecated nova-net functions, so include a new low-level REST
implementation of the removed APIs.

Also includes a handful of cleanups that the previous security group and
floating IP reviews missed.

Change-Id: I20116ec4fc1113857d8d917bfb30fa3170d05b9f
6 years ago
Dean Troyer b2783dc3c4 Low-level Compute v2 API: network
api.compute.APIv2 network functions.

novaclient 8.0 is now released without support for the previously
deprecated nova-net functions, so include a new low-level REST
implementation of the removed APIs.

Change-Id: If230f128e91cda44461fe93c976cac2aecec2252
6 years ago
Jenkins b0ce95745d Merge "Low-level Compute v2 API: floating ip" 6 years ago
Dean Troyer e6ea45b283 Low-level Compute v2 API: floating ip
api.compute.APIv2 floating ip functions.

novaclient 8.0 is now released without support for the previously
deprecated nova-net functions, so include a new low-level REST
implementation of the removed APIs.

Change-Id: Ic461b8d15e072e0534dcd73fff6857581d83c89b
6 years ago
Dean Troyer 1bf6706ad1 Low-level Compute v2 API: security group rules
api.compute.APIv2 security group rule functions.

novaclient 8.0 is now released without support for the previously
deprecated nova-net functions, so include a new low-level REST
implementation of the removed APIs.

Change-Id: Ieabd61113bc6d3562738686f52bb06aa84fca765
6 years ago
Dean Troyer 4289ddd47a Low-level Compute v2 API: security group
api.compute.APIv2 starts with security group functions.

novaclient 8.0 is now released without support for the previously
deprecated nova-net functions, so include a new low-level REST
implementation of the removed APIs.

Change-Id: Id007535f0598226a8202716232313e37fe6247f9
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 1cdc1319d6 Make 'object save' fast again
'openstack object save' is critically slow to download big objects. While
we 'stream' (chunked download) the data, the default chunks_size
is 1 byte [1], which is terribly inefficient.

[1] :

Closes-Bug: 1654645

Change-Id: I2223e5897346acd2f2c1fae638d1193cff833c19
6 years ago
Imtiaz Chowdhury 1bd2bf67da Fixes image api URL endpoint for certain scenario
openstackclient fails to get image list when the image api endpoint
has 'v2' substring in the URL. Instead of checking whether the api
endpoint URL terminates with '/v2', the current logic is checking
whether 'v2' appears anywhere in the endpoint string.

This issue was discovered on a production setup where certain
server names had 'v2' in their names. For example, when a hostname
is, the image list APIs fail.

This commit updates the unit test to reflect this scenario. Without
the change in openstackclient/api/, all the unit tests

Change-Id: I26b85afd646938272dbabe8e045b337b7df58c7d
Closes-Bug: 1652827
6 years ago
Rajasi Kulkarni 78312ca9af Add option "--name" to command "openstack object create"
Option "--name" can be used to set as the object name of
the file to be uploaded in the container. Similar to option
"--object-name" in command "swift upload". Added unit test case
to ensure an exception is raised when using option "--name" for
uploading multiple objects.

Change-Id: Ied7827841f6ca1cf9d4b48e304cbe5d62eda38ab
Closes-Bug: #1607972
7 years ago
Dean Troyer 110a62f277 Add importing file to import warnings
Add the Python file doing the import to the warnings emitted by
the modules moved to osc-lib. Users will at least have a hint as
to which package is out-of-date.

Change-Id: I633b440c30b2b15cfde7a9013e30dfa39ab200bc
7 years ago
shizhihui f996138a0d Standardize import format
According to the rule in
I modify some irregular import format.

Change-Id: Ibf29ccaf3ddec4a956334cc3368ebee7a66e282c
7 years ago
ji-xuepeng 17f177bb71 remove unused LOG
This is to remove unused LOG to keep code clean.

Change-Id: Ic544157b19cefb4120381f3314334c60a9020baf
7 years ago
Dean Troyer d324530532 osc-lib: api.auth
Move auth plugin checking to osc-lib.

Change-Id: I673d9c2d6e8bbf724c3000459a729e831d747814
7 years ago
Dean Troyer ccbb2dd1e8 Remove OSCGenericPassword plugin
The need for this has passed plus with 3.0 we can take the breakage hit,
if any.

Change-Id: Ic019842f00033d2cd67b75f036e7e817e4b7c075
7 years ago
Dean Troyer cefe715031 Fix token/endpoint auth plugin
[This is not quite reduced from the original proposed fix as some
changes have merged that complicate the switch to OSC_Config and
v2 auth broke anyway.]

Fix the --os-token --os-url breakage in the switch to ksa.

Closes-bug: 1593664
Change-Id: I3ac23234fbf647fb145c7bd151d53c5c105462bf
7 years ago
Alvaro Lopez Garcia 099a2c38b9 Refactor setting defaults for some scope parameters
The code is setting defaults for some scope parameters, cheking if the
name ends with some specific substring (namely ending in "password")
causing failures in some plugins that end with the same string, but do
not allow those parameters (like "user_domain_id" in "v3oidcpassword").

Closes-Bug: #1582774
Change-Id: Id7036db3b783b135353d035dc4c1df7c808d6474
7 years ago
Alvaro Lopez Garcia 78ae57112c Refactor check_valid_auth_options function
The functions check_valid_auth_options() function was relying on the name
for checking the set of required options, but this could cause errors
with external auth plugins. If somebody defines an auth plugin plugin
named "footoken" the check function would check for a "token" option,
even if the plugin has not defined that option. This change tries to
improve this situation, cheking for some options only if they have been
defined in the plugin.

Change-Id: I4255f2e7d4d23449c95be957ea7b6b60983f2608
7 years ago
Dolph Mathews fe0c8e955b Do not prompt for scope options with default scoped tokens
This changes the scope validation to occur after a token has already
been created.

Previous flow:

1. Validate authentication options.
2. Validate authorization options if the command requires a scope.
3. Create a token (using authentication + authorization options)
4. Run command.

This means that scope was being checked, even if a default scope was
applied in step 3 by Keystone.

New flow:

1. Validate authentication options.
2. Create token (using authentication + authorization options)
3  Validate authorization options if the command requires a scope and
   the token is not scoped.
4. Run command.

Change-Id: Idae368a11249f425b14b891fc68b4176e2b3e981
Closes-Bug: 1592062
7 years ago
Huanxuan Ao f25a3519c5 Fix missing i18n supports in api/ and
Change-Id: I28d79d7f44b27d2b600dedad2a3601180650ad83
Partial-bug: #1574965
7 years ago
Dean Troyer e5e29a8fef osc-lib: utils
Use osc-lib directly for utils.

Leave openstackclient.common.utils for deprecation period.

Change-Id: I5bd9579abc4e07f45219ccd0565626e6667472f7
7 years ago
Dean Troyer d20c863ebc osc-lib: exceptions
Use osc-lib directly for exceptions.

Leave openstackclient.common.exceptions for deprecation period.

Change-Id: Iea3e862302372e1b31ccd27f69db59b4953ca828
7 years ago
Navid Pustchi 6ae0d2e8a5 Moving authentication from keystoneclient to keystoneauth
Currently OpenStackClient uses keystoneclient for authentication.
This change will update OpenStackClient to use keystoneauth for

All dependant test have been updated.

Updating how auth_ref is set in the tests to use KSA fixtures had
some racy side-effects.  The user_role_list tests failed when they
picked up an auth_ref that was a fixture.  This exposed a weakness
in ListUserRole that needed to be fixed at the same time re
handling of unscoped tokens and options.

Change-Id: I4ddb2dbbb3bf2ab37494468eaf65cef9213a6e00
Closes-Bug: 1533369
7 years ago
Madhu Mohan Nelemane a4d4e81c88 Avoid TypeError on message object additions
Change-Id: I634c1e158e93eeb55ab17fef8a0715b6678dffec
Closes-Bug: #1575787
7 years ago
Dao Cong Tien 67a8947ea2 Fix typos in docstrings and comments
Change-Id: Ic2dc057dca87212f715970f8325956c42f62ea9f
7 years ago
Jenkins 77f2e98466 Merge "Clean up unnecessary import of urlparse module" 7 years ago
Yang Hongyang 059f54eee4 Clean up unnecessary import of urlparse module
six.moves.urllib already covers the py2 and py3 compatibility issues
of urlparse module, use six.moves.urllib.parse.urlparse is enough.

Change-Id: I785f4f872850e5d770fdcf4c0d3392be3978cc4a
7 years ago
Yang Hongyang 8b17a1fa5b Trivial: Update image_list v2 docs
This api doc is clearly copied from v1, we should update it to reflact v2 API.
Added 'shared' param description.

Change-Id: I73d36e3a2a0448c28edab788a9340fd46177f8ef
7 years ago e47c83d47a Py3 replace dict.iteritems with six.iteritems
All dict.iteritems in osc are replaced with six.iteritems
except this one.
So fix it to add py3 compatibility.

Change-Id: I1aa51399a36e650d262d839ce2b4ec04d3f91db2
7 years ago
Brandon Palm 11a8f911af Use instanceof instead of type
Adjusted conditional statements to use instanceof when
comparing variables. Instanceof supports inheritance type
checking better than type.

Change-Id: I4ee0004934dc2322d43ef07e797a6811e39a812c
Closes-Bug: 1548530
7 years ago e2158b7ef4 Clean redundant argument to dict.get
`dict.get()` returns `None` by default, if a key wasn't found.
Removing `None` as second argument to avoid redundancy.

Change-Id: Ia82f7469cd019509bbeccbfe54b15eeedc7bb6ea
7 years ago
Jenkins 867bcb0db8 Merge "Support unscoped token request" 7 years ago 5a978b9ec1 Replace string format arguments with function parameters
There are files containing string format arguments inside logging messages.
Using logging function parameters should be preferred.

Change-Id: I15b405bf4d4715263fe1e1262982467b3d4bc1f4
Closes-Bug: #1321274
7 years ago
guang-yee 41e1bd0be6 Support unscoped token request
Make scope check optional for the "token issue" command as unscoped token is
a valid Keystone V2/V3 API.

Change-Id: Ie1cded4dbfdafd3a78c0ebdf89e3f66762509930
Closes-Bug: #1543214
7 years ago
venkatamahesh 65007432dc Fix a spell typos
Change-Id: I422fc8086af83efa4c04fd1951b4738404c1a1b7
7 years ago
Steve Martinelli 74a6a81ae9 when fetching object store properties use lower()
sometimes properties within object store concepts are stored with
mixed case depending on the client used to store said properties.

when retrieving properties to 'show' the user, always call lower()
on the property in question when comparing it to the reserved
values of the swift API.

Change-Id: I97ffc715788ca3cd021413124b6945a399465c99
Closes-Bug: 1525805
8 years ago
Terry Howe 7a42174c4b Remove old code after sdk integration
We won't need this anymore.

Change-Id: Ib10be1dedb8db81f0cba6e45b8a9b0aade2ab473
8 years ago
Dean Troyer bf090c69c2 Switch to ksa Session
* Change session imports to keystoneauth1
* Change keystoneclient.exception imports to keystoneauth1
* Change exceptions raised from internal API from keystoneclient to openstack.common

Change-Id: I046d89f561d6fe04baae53726f9749d2e7fe2056
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli cfd2bf5882 validate non-ascii values for swift properties
skip properties that are non-ascii values, but proceed
with properties that work. log these failed values back
to the user.

Change-Id: Iaca8909f4465a01c8aebfd290b1a322823702359
Closes-Bug: 1503898
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli 1f8b814628 Fix up object-store show commands
1) Change metadata to appear under a common 'properties' key, and
use the utility to format them, this applied to object, account
and container.

2) Clean up container and object output, which were setting the
x-container-meta-owner property, but this is metadata only for
the container, so it's pointless to have, removed it.

3) Container show was showing read/write ACLs and sync stuff, but
these are not being returned by my swift by default, so I moved
these to be checks, so we don't clutter the output.

Change-Id: Ife7521fe9c2724035b06963c118bd6016ba2f5b5
8 years ago
lin-hua-cheng 985b2cdd2c Fix non-ascii issue with object commands
Escape the container and object name whenever it is used
as URL.

Change-Id: I2343c1e67843ab53773b3fca6e258dc329cd9573
Closes-Bug: #1503508
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli e48c7afee4 add set/unset support for objects in object store
add docs and command support to set and unset metadata of objects
that are stored in an object store (swift).

Closes-Bug: #1501945

Change-Id: If838a4b3343b6ddb97cd4bd1cb63f0ba1c1a00a1
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli abaf711e24 add support for set/unset of container properties
include docs and commands to set and unset container properties

Partial-Bug: #1501945

Change-Id: I8d7e8cf356a2321a37ed940c4e10cae411b94dfd
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli faece91756 cleanup account ids from container commands
use a common function to determine account ID instead of different
ways - depending on the response and command

Change-Id: I95adc5dc7d5a82a2cffc570d1ded24d1fc754a11
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli 4733fd0d3c Add support for showing account details
add the command `openstack account show` that lists details
about the object store account that the user authenticated

Partial-Bug: #1501943

Change-Id: I1246dafee812b63a41d43be4e3598224364a2c11
8 years ago
Steve Martinelli a4483a0513 Add support for updating swift account properties
this patch adds support for creating/updating and removing
properties (nee: metadata) for object store accounts.

Partial-Bug: #1501943

Change-Id: I3ed70a5d8bd8920fedb79adc60cdc602261d5eef
8 years ago
Joshua Harlow d751a21d2c Fix 'auhentication' spelling error/mistake
Change-Id: Iba58c188d2ae44170539534eea1415cf8eb65ac4
8 years ago
Dave Chen 9f69b43f5a Improve the hint message
Currently, we can get scoped token (domain scoped, project scoped)
as well as unscoped token.

When we use OSC to get a domain scoped token without explicitly set
domain information, the hint message show us we need to set a scoped
domain or project, but it miss that the parameters to be set in order
to get project or domain scoped token is not the same.

Thus, the hint message could be improved to make it more clear to
end user.

Change-Id: I94768c619b30be18737fec189ae6d81e81ba090d
8 years ago
Jamie Lennox 3ae247fdce Set tenant options on parsed namespace
Because of the way OSC registers all plugins together we end up
with os-tenant-X parameters being saved to the project-X attribute after
parsing. If you are using the v2 plugins directly then they and os-client-config
expect the tenant_X values and will assuming no scoping information if
they are not present.

Validating options for scope will also fail in this situation, not just
because the resultant auth dictionary is missing the tenant-X
attributes, but because OSC validates that either project or domain
scope information is present.

Fix this by just always setting the v2 parameters if the v3 parameters
are present. This will have no effect on the generic or v3 case but fix
the v2 case.

Expand validation to include the tenant options so it knows that v2
plugins are scoped.

Change-Id: I8cab3e423663f801cbf2d83106c671bddc58d7e6
Closes-Bug: #1460369
8 years ago
Dean Troyer 5649695c65 Add --os-cloud support
This adds a new option --os-cloud that allows the configuration values
for multiple clouds to be stored in a local file and selected with
a single option.

Internal option names have had 'os_' removed to be comptible with
the options returned from OpenStackConfig().get_one_cloud().

The config file is ~/.config/openstack/clouds.yaml:

      project_name: demo
      username: demo
      password: 0penstack
    region_name: RegionOne
       project_name: demo
       username: demo
       password: 0penstack
     region_name: RegionOne

Co-Authored-By: Monty Taylor <>
Change-Id: I4939acf8067e44ffe06a2e26fc28f1adf8985b7d
Depends-On: I45e2550af58aee616ca168d20a557077beeab007
8 years ago