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Dean Troyer 1686dc54f0 Help/docs cleanups: marker, limit, ip-address metavars
Cleanup help strings and docs for clarity and to keep things consistent:
* --limit metavar should be <num-resource> to indicate what is being counted
* --marker metavar should be <resource> or <resource-id> to indicate the
  type of value being specified
* <*-ip-address> metavars should be just <ip-address> as there is no difference
  in format between fixed and floating IPs
* Move all occurances of '(name or ID)' to end of help text

Change-Id: I2c31746ed6ded3845244e03e57d809f8bc0e6b9d
6 years ago
David Rabel 4ea4f6fabb openstack image create : --file and --volume exclude each other
Added parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() for --file and --volume
in openstack image create.

Change-Id: I4d9fc6314801d569354e5644e231ddd6c7f1853d
Closes-Bug: 1666551
6 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 80c62021c8 Update container format choices
The choices for valid container formats is out of date in the
image v1 and v2 help text.  This patch adds 'ova' and 'docker'
and does some minor refactoring to align the container_format
option with the disk_format option.

Change-Id: Icdea5fab801abd651baf45cf96c920c7df79f11b
Closes-bug: #1658138
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier f055fe67c1 Add support for Glance 'update image members' feature
This patch adds 3 new options to the "image set" command: --accept,
--reject and --pending. This updates the membership status for
an image.

Closes-Bug: 1620481
Change-Id: I13b8c067aad68ece9ff636fbdd83bcb3663c91b2
7 years ago
Mikhail Feoktistov 63377f25fc Add ploop to supported disk formats
This format is used for containers for Virtuozzo hypervisor

Closes-Bug: 1650342

Change-Id: Ic79f29a1fe9ea5016d3d5520c2b06e39da01ff61
7 years ago
Jenkins fdf93e04e6 Merge "Revert "Remove marker and loop from "image list" command"" 7 years ago
Steve Martinelli 42f33435ed Revert "Remove marker and loop from "image list" command"
This reverts commit 0b6fdcbe4c.

Adapt "image list" to not loop when --marker is specified on command

Update tests to work with current state of code.

Change-Id: I8af58adf8637a9e34371c6280db40935d22bc3c3
7 years ago
Jenkins 7078502ea6 Merge "Sort list images by name by default" 7 years ago
Jenkins 19ca396508 Merge "Using v2 as the default version of Glance" 7 years ago
Steve Martinelli f15352f861 clean up image choices and help text
Use choices for image set and image create commands, this aligns
with our use of choices in networking commands.

Also update the help text to match that of the networking
commands, where we iterate through the options.

Related-Bug: 1635518
Change-Id: Ib4c66b06e07f1d4e5bfe1b74053f2215cccad890
7 years ago
Jenkins bf6f4bb58b Merge "Show disk format vhdx in help" 7 years ago
Vijendra Soni a7a0d0c61a Sort list images by name by default
Set the default key and dir for openstack image list,
if no command line argument passed
Changing sort_key to name(old value: created_at)

Change-Id: I6c61f6e5a04824d655ccf43477afcec9652101df
Closes-Bug: #1639231
7 years ago
Fei Long Wang 4bce716733 Using v2 as the default version of Glance
Glance API v1 has been deprecated, so it's better to use v2 as
the default API version in openstackclient.

Closes-Bug: 1642772

Change-Id: I7d9e3228a2f3a3d0da437b7ee6f23e528de27fd3
7 years ago
Steve Martinelli 0ef8535036 translate all command help strings
Leverage the new cliff command class attribute (_description)
to get the help of a command, this allows us to mark strings
for translation. We could not do this before since the help
was grabbed from the docstring.

This also depends on a new release of cliff and a bump to the
minimum level in osc's requirements.

Closes-Bug: 1636209
Depends-On: Id915f6aa7d95a0ff3dc6e2ceaac5decb3f3bf0da
Change-Id: I8673080bb5625e8e3c499feaefd42dfc7121e96f
7 years ago
Jaspreet Singh Rawel ff7fda061e Show disk format vhdx in help
Currently disk format type vhdx is missing in help.

Closes-Bug: 1635518

Change-Id: Ibe5976f722c4eb966b12a7b1e1c2702fd08ce84b
7 years ago
Dean Troyer 6a15f90dae osc-lib: shell
Convert to using ClientManager and OpenStackShell from osc-lib.
* Change all internal uses of ClientManager private attributes that are
  now public in osc-lib's ClientManager.  Leave back-compat copies in
  place in OSC's clientManager so we don't break plugins.
* Put some work-arounds in place for changes in osc-lib that we need until
  a new release makes it through the g-r and u-c change process.
* Add a test for Unicode decoding of argv in shell.main() to parallel
  the one in osc-lib.

Change-Id: I85289740d4ca081f2aca8c9b40ec422ad25d302c
7 years ago
SongmingYan 1b878b4efd Remove execute permission on a few files
Some files have execute permission unnecessarily. Change them from
755 to 644.

Change-Id: I471ebd1c3d123ad4a7376f7f5996f53f8c2d9b0b
7 years ago
Marc Abramowitz 8bbf30498e image list: Add Checksum column
The checksum could potentially be useful for spotting duplicated images or
checking if images with the same name are identical or different.

Closes-Bug: #1602073

Change-Id: Ia0c41970c846d550de14297e18bc738e847e5a3b
7 years ago
qinchunhua 6f36385cb8 Correct reraising of exception
When an exception was caught and rethrown,
it should call 'raise' without any arguments
because it shows the place where an exception
occured initially instead of place where the exception re-raised.

Change-Id: I5fb6dea5da7fb6e1e2b339a713c7d37f8c99e407
7 years ago
Jenkins 775b1acccd Merge "Make set/unset commands in compute/image/common return normally when nothing specified" 7 years ago
Tang Chen 9c62af8a42 Make set/unset commands in compute/image/common return normally when nothing specified
After this patch, all set/unset commands will return normally
when nothing specified.

Change-Id: Id94d0329faa1a674006a9aae901f834b41917317
Close-bug: #1588588
7 years ago
liyifeng a4dd1fc714 Make the print info support i18n
When OSC failed to set a image's property, it will print
the image name and status, which is an useful info to
users. So translate this massage, and record it in log.

Change-Id: Icdff4dab17dedcb40289700c4cd278e6e62eea25
7 years ago
Tang Chen 047cb68493 Standardize logger usage
Use file logger for all command specific logs.

This patch also fixes some usage that doesn't
follow rules in:

After this patch, all self.log and
will be standardized to LOG().

NOTE: In, we got the log in class OpenStackShell,
      which is also known as in other classes.
      This logger is used to record non-command-specific logs.
      So we leave it as-is.

Change-Id: I114f73ee6c7e84593d71e724bc1ad00d343c1896
Implements: blueprint log-usage
7 years ago
Jenkins 1464c8a237 Merge "Make set/unset command in identity and image pass normally when nothing specified" 7 years ago
sunyajing 8a12a39ece Make set/unset command in identity and image pass normally when nothing specified
Also update its unit tests.

Change-Id: I82b90658b0d4247cdc9a650f14aceda640a32059
Partial-bug: #1588588
7 years ago
Jenkins 5b36898b2b Merge "Fix image delete multiple arguments error" 7 years ago
Dean Troyer 9e2b8e6730 osc-lib: command
Leave and as a sanity check during the
deprecation period.

Change-Id: I24e1b755cbfbcbcaeb5273ec0c9706b82384fc85
7 years ago
Dean Troyer be192676bd osc-lib: parseractions
Leave and as a sanity check during the
deprecation period.

Change-Id: I1a7469b6d872284e0276502a1a287bc0b87f8f83
7 years ago
Dean Troyer e5e29a8fef osc-lib: utils
Use osc-lib directly for utils.

Leave openstackclient.common.utils for deprecation period.

Change-Id: I5bd9579abc4e07f45219ccd0565626e6667472f7
7 years ago
Dean Troyer d20c863ebc osc-lib: exceptions
Use osc-lib directly for exceptions.

Leave openstackclient.common.exceptions for deprecation period.

Change-Id: Iea3e862302372e1b31ccd27f69db59b4953ca828
7 years ago
sunyajing 8c7e34d65c Fix image delete multiple arguments error
Fix image delete command, support processing multiple arguments
delete error.
Fix doc/source/command-errors.rst, make the msg format correct.

Change-Id: Icbe347fe077bc148bf71ea8f7399b0e934b7cdf9
Partially-Implements: blueprint multi-argument-image
7 years ago
zheng yin 2c965b88f6 fix image unset
modify "target" to "tagret"

Change-Id: I80674b23804b26430aed13b5e6c6dc2b240771cd
7 years ago
sunyajing 3e11661074 Add "image unset" command
This patch add a command that supports
unsetting image tags and properties

Change-Id: I6f2cf45a61ff89da6664f3a34ae49fdd85d8c986
7 years ago
Xiaoyang Zhang 6c8e0dc1df Fix i18n support for help and log.warning in image
Change-Id: I6e2764aaf4b8c0efa78872646a7b3482ba044dc8
7 years ago
Nicolas Simonds 1d1c7a0631 Image API v2: make volume_type optional
It is perfectly valid for a Cinder volume to have a volume_type of
"none", so don't make the Image API v2 require that one be set.

Change-Id: I1a6da8d791fa0ae67cac46eec81bcbcb420729c3
Closes-Bug: #1559344
7 years ago
Tang Chen 61c1d985c7 Fix return value of "image set" command
"image set" command should return None. But in one path,
it returns ({}, {}). This patch fixes this.

Change-Id: I3847e661cb7e89863921a3f0a859d9b1a8077ede
7 years ago
Brandon Palm f49f0fead2 Fixed a bunch of spacing
Nothing too complicated here.  I fixed a bunch of spacing issues
that I saw in OSC.

Change-Id: I935ab48e7c5bac5f88ecdb3a05f73fb44fc9f41d
7 years ago
Tang Chen 499369329c Add --marker option to "image list" command
Users could specify the last image (name or ID) of the previous page with
--marker option to control the start image of the output.

Change-Id: Idca0235ee83b1226b00c89cf3d38500fa898b7d0
Closes-Bug: #1540988
7 years ago
xiexs 5812803865 Add limit option to "image list" command
This option is quite useful if there are too many images.

Change-Id: If6a901c27c5da2d1f4412e8fa9ba3bed3b72fdd9
Co-Authored-By: Tang Chen <>
Partial-Bug: #1540988
7 years ago
Tang Chen 0b6fdcbe4c Remove marker and loop from "image list" command
Since --page-size has never worked, there is no paginate logic needs
to be implemented in "image list" command. So remove the unnecessary

And also, the marker is not necessary because --marker option has not
been implemented. Will add it back when implementing --marker option.

Change-Id: I71fea1502f92f447a49697edb52e8e82f336772f
Partial-Bug: #1540988
7 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 258c1102cc log take_action parameters in a single place
Previously each command logs take_action parameters explicitly
by using @utils.log_method decorator or log.debug().
Some commands have no logging.

This commit calls a logger in the base class and
drops all logging definition from individual commands.

Closes-Bug: #1532294
Change-Id: I43cd0290a4353c68c075bade9571c940733da1be
7 years ago
Jenkins fe10d0faf4 Merge "Initialize activation status" 7 years ago
Terry Howe 4d4368bb26 Initialize activation status
activation_status throws an exception if the image set fails
because it is not initialized.

Change-Id: Iff6d5a8844eed954fb1c0bcea96118b99ac6bcf4
7 years ago
Dean Troyer cf2de9af79 Change --owner to --project in image commands
* image create and image set now use --project to specify an alternate
  project to own the image
* --owner is still silently accepted but deprecated, add warning messages
* --project and --owner are mutually exclusive to prevent precedence issues

Closes Bug: 1527833
Change-Id: Iccb1a1d9175ef9b5edcd79d294607db12641c1f0
8 years ago
Jenkins f5604366f0 Merge "Trivial: Remove useless return from files in image and volume" 8 years ago
xiexs 0a444fc949 Add owner validation for "openstack image create/set"
Owner validation is necessary if a new image owner
will be created/set.

Change-Id: I621774e02866bfa98a31b613deff5d7b6a962737
Closes-Bug: #1517134
8 years ago
Tang Chen f552302b61 Trivial: Remove useless return from files in image and volume
Change-Id: I3526ecd202d0908d91305a066ad72d03cee794b5
8 years ago
NiallBunting b3943d7142 Add image re/deactivate commands
This change allows admins to deactivate and reactivate their
images. Currently this has to be done with the REST api or the

This change introduces `--deactivate` and `--activate` for the `image
set` command.

This requires glanceclient 1.2.0. Which got bumped here:

Change-Id: I476c44a0343cdc92d58ddc93fb06470242de2345
Depends-On: I2c370c6bf6ff664d94d756cc76aaa983fbdb8869
Closes-Bug: 1516661
8 years ago
Jenkins a207c27fc8 Merge "Add --volume to Image `create`" 8 years ago
xiexs 342fd158e9 Add status column for "openstack image list"
Actually, the status column is useful for the user.
So, it`s better to output this info by default (or, user had
to specify the extra option, i.e. --long).

Change-Id: Id2a9f86f0de5310f8f5ff9a46bf1b7411094b519
Closes-Bug: #1519181
8 years ago