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Huanxuan Ao 1c49a1f01d Fix NoneType error for volume snapshot create command
In volume snapshot command, <volume> is the same
as <snapshot-name> when --volume is not specified,
but <volume> cannot be None, so when <snapshot-name>
is not specified (<snapshot-name> is None), a NoneType
error appears.
So make <snapshot-name> no longer optional, it should
be always present.

Change-Id: I3d9f10753a8ef601e70816421c160598e2cc811f
Closes-bug: #1659894
6 years ago
zhiyong.dai 26d50be79a Support "--no-property" option in volume snapshot set
Supporting "--no-property" option will apply user a convenient
way to clean all properties of volume snapshot in a short command,
and this kind of behavior is the recommended way to devref.
The patch adds "--no-property" option in "volume snapshot set" command,
and update related test cases and devref document.

Change-Id: I5f10cc2b5814553699920c4343995b2e11416e4e
Implements: blueprint allow-overwrite-set-options
6 years ago
jiahui.qiang 6ca4dc3533 Add options to "volume snapshot list" command
Add "--name", "--status" and "--volume" options
to "volume snapshot list" command for filtering results.

Change-Id: I72db1abce7701f31598deec34801a4d1f5713870
7 years ago
Huanxuan Ao 23ee2fd8f0 Refactor "snapshot" commands
1.change the command name ``snapshot create/delete/list/
show/set/unset`` to ``volume snapshot create/delete/list/

2.change the optional parameter "--name <name>" to a
positional parameter "<snapshot-name>"; Change the
positional parameter "<volume>" to a optional
parameter "--volume <volume>"

Change-Id: If03276ecdf6f0d96893d5ecf91c2aaa64929cff3
Implements: bp backup-snapshot-renamed-for-volume-resource
Co-Authored-By: Sheel Rana <>
7 years ago
Huanxuan Ao fd876e4cc6 Fix unset commands to pass normally when nothing specified
After I found this problem appear in "volume unset",
I checked all the volume command and also found some
same problems. This patch fix them all.
The main reason of we ignored this problem before is
there was not any tests for it. So I add tests for
"nothing unset" for them all to test and aviod this
Also, I add unit tests for all snapshot commands
in volume v1 by the way in this patch. We will
need more tests to avoid some ignored problem.

Change-Id: I46775f24643d715e168b30785b8b531c0431a55b
Partial-bug: #1588588
7 years ago