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378 Commits (93578ef85ba5f94ec5dc8fc4b2917e91c74121da)

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Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 1c6d396ba3 Allow "--force" flag in quota network commands 9 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez bef70397a3 Add network update quota "limit_check" parameter 12 months ago
Cyril Roelandt 43639e1118 Fix typos 1 year ago
Stephen Finucane 30612bf622 Remove 'get_osc_show_columns_for_sdk_resource' duplicates 1 year ago
Artem Goncharov 119d2fae25 project cleanup 2 years ago
youngho choi 6f616a29b3 Add support '--progress' option for 'image create' 2 years ago
Artem Goncharov 30d5f14a70 Add support for token caching 2 years ago
songwenping c2df9215e1 Remove usage of six 2 years ago
asarfaty e9bd4ef007 Remove None valued network quota entries 2 years ago
Felix Yan 82ebddca00 Fix compatibility issue in 5.3 2 years ago
Doug Hellmann 870cf01148 switch to stevedore for entry points 2 years ago
hackertron b328cf74df Add '--force; parameter to 'openstack quota set' 3 years ago
Artem Goncharov 60e7c51df4 Switch image to use SDK 3 years ago
Jose Castro Leon 3e83e7471b Allow os quota list query to filter by project 3 years ago
lihaijing d15bbada73 Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 3 years ago
Alex Katz 780d9b49a0 Show correct name for resource with quota set to zero 3 years ago
Eric Fried 4c0f3bfa89 common: autogenerate docs 3 years ago
Pierre Prinetti 61ad83b575
versions: Fix 'versions show' help message 3 years ago
Matt Riedemann 4b393681d9 Use SDK to get compute API extensions 3 years ago
Dean Troyer ee48777207 Clean up app initialization and config 3 years ago
Stephen Finucane 6419533f43 Bump hacking version 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 865e182970 Make configuration show not require auth 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 1b2595a959 Remove code migrated to osc-lib long ago 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann 626a3a021c Mention compute API 2.50 in openstack quota show --class 4 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński 75cba9d1cb Add support for get details of Quota 4 years ago
Monty Taylor dfd37a2e6e
Make use of keystoneauth service-type filtering for versions 4 years ago
Julie Pichon 1b66ad9067 Fix 'project purge' deleting wrong project's servers and volumes 4 years ago
Monty Taylor 9ece632f96
Add command to show all service versions 4 years ago
yanpuqing b18e79c09b Delete the LB object quotas set command in openstackclient 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis d601415259 Clean up W503 and E402 pep8 errors 5 years ago
Jude Cross 24b06ef273 Fix limits show command without Nova and Cinder 5 years ago
Dean Troyer 2c2c16ba55 Remove a bunch of things we promised to remove in 2H 2017 5 years ago
Hongbin Lu 7ef2867ff6 Replace %r with %s on printing string variable 5 years ago
Hongbin Lu 599fa78262 Be robust on import plugin module 5 years ago
lihaijing 254dbf3294 Fix 'project purge' deletes ALL images problem 5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki f3bbf52b3c Use flake8-import-order plugin 5 years ago
nidhimittalhada 925776565e wrong values in openstack quota show command 5 years ago
Steve Martinelli 227d4c64ef Add project purge command to osc 6 years ago
Ankur Gupta acc2d106ab Refactor Extension show and list command 6 years ago
Dean Troyer e8f3103cc1 Ignore more exceptions in quota list 6 years ago
Dean Troyer d930b043ee Funcional tests: quota list 6 years ago
Dean Troyer 871450abcd Fix quota functional tests for nova-net 6 years ago
Dean Troyer ef99f44462 Improve no-auth path 6 years ago
Dean Troyer 46b8cad4c3 Clean up password prompt work-arounds 6 years ago
Sindhu Devale 832b2591cf OSC Extension Show 6 years ago
Sindhu Devale 58591d3c37 OSC Quota List 6 years ago
Reedip 33b092fb9a Trivial Fix 6 years ago
Rui Chen 0898ebacb8 Support list commands by group name keyword 6 years ago
Rui Chen 10f0300f70 Show openstacksdk version info in "module list" 6 years ago
Dean Troyer 0719348ba1 TODO cleanup: osc-lib 6 years ago