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Dmitriy Rabotyagov 5cc6fc2b88 Allow to filter multiple tags for image list 5 months ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy afc5f997c8 Stop using private _is_uuid_like method 6 months ago
Stephen Finucane 61fac5b79e image: Sanity check the 'SetImage' command 11 months ago
Stephen Finucane 30612bf622 Remove 'get_osc_show_columns_for_sdk_resource' duplicates 12 months ago
Cyril Roelandt 3918622968 openstack image create: honor protection/visibility flags 1 year ago
Valery Tschopp 383289edd8 Implements hide image 2 years ago
youngho choi 6f616a29b3 Add support '--progress' option for 'image create' 2 years ago
Stephen Finucane 29a7c9afce image: Unset properties rather than setting to None 2 years ago
okozachenko 3c80b1b3b2 Add project field in image list subcommand 2 years ago
Simon Merrick 5bdcd590ec stop image downloads to memory 2 years ago
Sam Morrison 17678c9bd6 Restore behavior of image create with same name. 2 years ago
Alexander Gräb c06d825635 Fix uploading an signed image does not work if private signing key is encrypted 2 years ago
Monty Taylor c04ec16cf7 Expose flag for forcing use of import for images 2 years ago
Dmitriy Rabotyagov 042be7c7fe Don't look up project by id if given id 3 years ago
Artem Goncharov 60e7c51df4 Switch image to use SDK 3 years ago
lihaijing d15bbada73 Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 3 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 8d63e3f0c3 Use cliff formattable columns in image commands 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 67dadda746 Remove deprecated image commands 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 1b2595a959 Remove code migrated to osc-lib long ago 3 years ago
Artem Goncharov 444a40c656 Add possibility to filter images using member_status 4 years ago
David Rabel 55cbbbe469 Fix help message of image add project 4 years ago
Radoslaw Smigielski aaf73cbf6d Fix --limit option in image list sub-command 4 years ago
Sven Wegener 21e4c87bde
image/v2: support multiple property filters 4 years ago
Josephine Seifert 1981eb2250 osc-included image signing (using openstacksdk) 4 years ago
Nobuto Murata 860639a548 Support --community in openstack image list 4 years ago
Jake Yip b90b93e143 Fix error with image show when image name is None 4 years ago
Adam Harwell 9edbab8c90 Add ability to filter image list by tag 4 years ago
Mohammed Naser 79577681d8 Add support to list image members 5 years ago
Dean Troyer 6df58b6366 Fix additional output encoding issues 5 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy ca90985f4e Replace assert with condition 5 years ago
Mike Fedosin ed1b59848f Check that Glance returns image data before processing it 5 years ago
ShogoAdachi 4464109c77 Accept 0 for --min-disk and --min-ram 5 years ago
lihaijing ff91e26983 Update image cli doc and fix some typos 5 years ago
lihaijing d33ab499ed Fix "openstack image unset" command's help message typo 5 years ago
nidhimittalhada bca8d57eb3 image-list should support filters 'name','status' 5 years ago
M V P Nitesh 3468ea1ca4 Added 'openstack image set --visibility' 5 years ago
Dean Troyer 1686dc54f0 Help/docs cleanups: marker, limit, ip-address metavars 6 years ago
David Rabel 4ea4f6fabb openstack image create : --file and --volume exclude each other 6 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 80c62021c8 Update container format choices 6 years ago
Badhmapriya Boopalan 6962cc963e To display image size in human friendly format 6 years ago
Jordan Pittier f055fe67c1 Add support for Glance 'update image members' feature 6 years ago
Mikhail Feoktistov 63377f25fc Add ploop to supported disk formats 6 years ago
Steve Martinelli 42f33435ed Revert "Remove marker and loop from "image list" command" 6 years ago
Steve Martinelli f15352f861 clean up image choices and help text 6 years ago
Vijendra Soni a7a0d0c61a Sort list images by name by default 6 years ago
Steve Martinelli 0ef8535036 translate all command help strings 6 years ago
SongmingYan 1b878b4efd Remove execute permission on a few files 6 years ago
Marc Abramowitz 8bbf30498e image list: Add Checksum column 6 years ago
qinchunhua 6f36385cb8 Correct reraising of exception 6 years ago
liyifeng a4dd1fc714 Make the print info support i18n 6 years ago