move shell out of osc

move shell out of osc folder so we can create panko shell commands
without osc

Change-Id: I95bb58b5dcfc618fcb3a9f0e74b899714aac82ad
gord chung 6 years ago
parent 3e6ac24b86
commit 2a116079e7

@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ import mock
from osc_lib.tests import fakes
from pankoclient.osc import plugin
from pankoclient import osc as plugin
from pankoclient.tests.unit import base

@ -15,9 +15,9 @@
import mock
from pankoclient.osc.v2 import events
from pankoclient.tests.unit import base as test_base
from pankoclient.v2 import events as events_mgr
from pankoclient.v2 import events_cli as events
@mock.patch.object(events_mgr.EventTypeManager, '_list')

@ -43,15 +43,15 @@ doc =
openstack.cli.extension =
event = pankoclient.osc.plugin
event = pankoclient.osc
openstack.event.v2 =
event capabilities list = pankoclient.osc.v2.capabilities:CliCapabilitiesList
event list =
event show =
event type list =
event trait list =
event trait description =
event capabilities list = pankoclient.v2.capabilities_cli:CliCapabilitiesList
event list = pankoclient.v2.events_cli:EventList
event show = pankoclient.v2.events_cli:EventShow
event type list = pankoclient.v2.events_cli:EventTypeList
event trait list = pankoclient.v2.events_cli:EventTraitList
event trait description = pankoclient.v2.events_cli:EventTraitDescription
source-dir = doc/source