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gord chung 6f724e0fcc Fix doc builds
The updated releasenote and requirements jobs expect requirements for
docs in one of the requirements files. Move requirements from setup.cfg
to doc/requirements.txt file.

See also

Change-Id: I3f7a780a10b95d1ab1fb28d05fc15d8022591e0d
5 years ago
Jenkins 815a8c9451 Merge "Docs: switch to openstackdocstheme" 6 years ago
Tovin Seven 17cef5ac87 Update documentation URLs
Update this according to document migration.

Change-Id: Ie0252d8852e08e5f981d755047bca0c35cfc929b
6 years ago
Hanxi Liu 759e615074 Docs: switch to openstackdocstheme
Project documents are being reprocessed due to document migration[1].
Update the docs theme to openstackdocstheme instead of oslosphinx.


Change-Id: Ibbe2dd228aa7c99ba909ab2ee9168e21747f4fe6
6 years ago
liusheng a1a1c28d4a Modify the doc descriptions of pankoclient
The pankoclient library only provides OSC client intergrated commands of
"event" and does not provide "panko" commands. This change corrects the

Change-Id: I70a645510fbf4211b4688299c4d1ccbc9272577c
6 years ago
liusheng aa014b61e7 Fix issues after changing the package name to pankoclient
- Correct the pip installation command
- Fix the pbr version querying

Change-Id: I20b758622710fe2a292ad29b4494bd56fd817877
6 years ago
liusheng 2c5e8abccf Add support for event commands
Change-Id: I67af7921ea53dd97b176b87263dcb2b941cf819a
6 years ago
liusheng 493d6933a6 Initial commit
Change-Id: I95ea5eb503e5a5a7e59fe317a62e54cebc83bd55
6 years ago