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Jenkins 08cb5e8914 Merge "Update reno for stable/pike" 6 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot 5223a2b9cf Update reno for stable/pike
Change-Id: Idec144aad130ee55cf647254c78abcf482e6c1ce
6 years ago
Hanxi Liu 759e615074 Docs: switch to openstackdocstheme
Project documents are being reprocessed due to document migration[1].
Update the docs theme to openstackdocstheme instead of oslosphinx.


Change-Id: Ibbe2dd228aa7c99ba909ab2ee9168e21747f4fe6
6 years ago
liusheng 493d6933a6 Initial commit
Change-Id: I95ea5eb503e5a5a7e59fe317a62e54cebc83bd55
6 years ago