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gord chung 6f724e0fcc Fix doc builds
The updated releasenote and requirements jobs expect requirements for
docs in one of the requirements files. Move requirements from setup.cfg
to doc/requirements.txt file.

See also

Change-Id: I3f7a780a10b95d1ab1fb28d05fc15d8022591e0d
5 years ago
zhangyangyang e9a975fba6 Cleanup setup.cfg
python-subunit is not used directly anywhere
and it is dependency of both testrepository
and os-testr
(probably was used by some tox wrapper script before)

Change-Id: I04a13a2fd60a57834383bf7b175458176ca7f2e8
6 years ago
Jenkins 815a8c9451 Merge "Docs: switch to openstackdocstheme" 6 years ago
Tovin Seven 17cef5ac87 Update documentation URLs
Update this according to document migration.

Change-Id: Ie0252d8852e08e5f981d755047bca0c35cfc929b
6 years ago
Hanxi Liu 759e615074 Docs: switch to openstackdocstheme
Project documents are being reprocessed due to document migration[1].
Update the docs theme to openstackdocstheme instead of oslosphinx.


Change-Id: Ibbe2dd228aa7c99ba909ab2ee9168e21747f4fe6
6 years ago
gord chung 6bd0c25e36 add panko shell
Change-Id: Ibed6950ecfcbcd601b491e482b7c65a11ab0d045
6 years ago
gord chung 2a116079e7 move shell out of osc
move shell out of osc folder so we can create panko shell commands
without osc

Change-Id: I95bb58b5dcfc618fcb3a9f0e74b899714aac82ad
6 years ago
gord chung 5b51e41fcf use extras
step 1 to making pankoclient "modern"

Change-Id: Ide0f08e066edf7516a4ae68dbb09343fe063743a
6 years ago
liusheng f01874ddc6 Add "event trait description" command
This command allow users to list the trait type definitions of a
specified event_type.

Change-Id: Iea178629289f28edd5164aa32cd5d172a5aca28c
6 years ago
liusheng 60cd259a7a Add "event trait list" command
This command allow users to list the trait values of an specified event
type and trait name.

Change-Id: Ia8b27af7ee6c8533855fbd4937511e64e38b6494
6 years ago
Jenkins 6a4fe9a087 Merge "Add support for "event type list" command" 6 years ago
liusheng 9f0171fd13 Add support for "event type list" command
Change-Id: Ifa4c7ede4f7860e57f541e4a09422dca19381d08
6 years ago
liusheng abeccce308 Set universal=1 option for building wheel
Change-Id: Ib64e31bcf594b6d70b5faf2cfd155ecd70c4ee72
6 years ago
liusheng 8e4632f759 Rename pypi package name to pankoclient
Change-Id: I1db360f96ac356bdbde63f0844295777781f1c9c
6 years ago
liusheng 2c5e8abccf Add support for event commands
Change-Id: I67af7921ea53dd97b176b87263dcb2b941cf819a
6 years ago
liusheng 711bb8b3fc Add capabilities list command
Change-Id: Iecffded6fc21830df6c21089681733cccb3a11e7
6 years ago
liusheng 493d6933a6 Initial commit
Change-Id: I95ea5eb503e5a5a7e59fe317a62e54cebc83bd55
6 years ago