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gord chung 6f724e0fcc Fix doc builds
The updated releasenote and requirements jobs expect requirements for
docs in one of the requirements files. Move requirements from setup.cfg
to doc/requirements.txt file.

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Change-Id: I3f7a780a10b95d1ab1fb28d05fc15d8022591e0d
5 years ago
gord chung 5b51e41fcf use extras
step 1 to making pankoclient "modern"

Change-Id: Ide0f08e066edf7516a4ae68dbb09343fe063743a
6 years ago
liusheng 493d6933a6 Initial commit
Change-Id: I95ea5eb503e5a5a7e59fe317a62e54cebc83bd55
6 years ago