Python bindings and CLI for Sahara.
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Sahara Style Commandments

Sahara Specific Commandments

Commit Messages

Using a common format for commit messages will help keep our git history readable. Follow these guidelines:

  • [S365] First, provide a brief summary of 50 characters or less. Summaries of greater than 72 characters will be rejected by the gate.
  • [S364] The first line of the commit message should provide an accurate description of the change, not just a reference to a bug or blueprint.


  • [S366, S367] Organize your imports according to the Import order


  • [S360] Ensure default arguments are not mutable.
  • [S368] Must use a dict comprehension instead of a dict constructor with a

    sequence of key-value pairs. For more information, please refer to


  • [S373] Don't translate logs
  • [S374] You used a deprecated log level

Importing json

  • [S375] It's more preferable to use jsonutils from oslo_serialization

    instead of json for operating with json objects.