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@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
with SwiftService() as swift:
obj = SwiftCopyObject("c", {"Destination": "/cont/d"})
obj = SwiftCopyObject("c", {"destination": "/cont/d"})
for i in swift.copy(
"cont", ["a", "b", obj],
{"meta": ["foo:bar"], "Destination": "/cc"}):
{"meta": ["foo:bar"], "destination": "/cc"}):
if i["success"]:
if i["action"] == "copy_object":
"object %s copied from /%s/%s" %
(i["destination"], i["container"], i["object"])
if i["action"] == "create_container":
elif i["action"] == "create_container":
"container %s created" % i["container"]