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Tim Burke 0c70d164ba (Mostly) revert "Cleanup session on delete" 2 years ago
Tim Burke 257a7185a8 Application credential support follow-up 2 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 947c09f30c Fixed capability discovery endpoint hardcode 2 years ago
Charles Hsu 02b637cdca Support v3 application credentials auth. 3 years ago
Clay Gerrard 78edffa46c object versioning features 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 1f26c57369 Cleanup session on delete 3 years ago
Tim Burke 7175069b3e Fix up requests so we can send non-RFC-compliant headers on py3 3 years ago
Tim Burke 3b21157a84 Clean up warnings from newer flake8 3 years ago
Tim Burke 0ee7c8272e Make proper functions instead of assigning lambdas 4 years ago
ZhijunWei 2ff36fde57 Update hacking version 4 years ago
Timur Alperovich edfeae3723 Add delimiter to get_account(). 4 years ago
Tim Burke 411ef48e5b Stop leaking quite so many connections 4 years ago
Tim Burke d1e1f8d8d6 Stop lazy importing keystoneclient 4 years ago
Timur Alperovich e28b12a1f2 Remove unnecessary calls to parse_header_string(). 4 years ago
Timur Alperovich f4a2b16c2c Properly handle unicode headers. 4 years ago
Timur Alperovich 02b08aaa10 Add close() to _RetryBody. 4 years ago
Clay Gerrard 1190825054 Make OS_AUTH_URL work in DevStack by default 4 years ago
Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 1971ef880f Make swiftclient respect region_name when using sessions 4 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 7a13754eeb Use a valid default for auth_version 4 years ago
Kota Tsuyuzaki e65070964c Add force auth retry mode in swiftclient 5 years ago
Timur Alperovich a36c3cfda1 Add a query_string option to head_object(). 5 years ago
Tim Burke ae5fd46e87 Stop mutating header dicts 5 years ago
Timur Alperovich 32f6b3c642 Do not set Content-Type to '' with new requests. 5 years ago
Christian Schwede 2ff3102cf7 Add support for versionless endpoints 5 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 028c4824d0 Fix logging of the gzipped body 6 years ago
Charles Hsu 6cf2bd6626 Add additional headers for HEAD/GET/DELETE requests. 6 years ago
Tim Burke 481f74caf1 Low-level API: Don't log just before raising an exception 6 years ago
Anh Tran bb3160a42c Remove redundant space in docstring 6 years ago
Anh Tran ab7a8b2453 TrivialFix: Removed redundant 'the' 6 years ago
Tim Burke f728027bed Accept gzip-encoded API responses 6 years ago
Tim Burke ab60e08e2e Convert numeric and boolean header values to strings 6 years ago
Marek Kaleta 4a2465fb12 Add copy object method 6 years ago
Andrew Welleck 439330cb9c Query string functionality for containers 6 years ago
Julien Danjou a62b7ee06c client: renew token on 401 even if retries is 0 6 years ago
Paulo Ewerton 73e4296a38 Adding keystoneauth sessions support 6 years ago
Kota Tsuyuzaki 0225950c2a Correct doc string for http_conn argument 6 years ago
Tim Burke fd5579a154 Check responses when retrying bodies 7 years ago
Cedric Brandily 450f505c35 Support client certificate/key 7 years ago
Tim Burke 9b8ab67a78 Include response headers in ClientExceptions 7 years ago
Tim Burke aa0edd0096 Force header keys/values to bytes/unicode before coercing to unicode 7 years ago
Joel Wright 46d8178280 Fix test for redacting sensitive data in client.http_log() 7 years ago
Tim Burke c3f0641704 Follow-up to patch 282363 7 years ago
Joel Wright 4d44dcf360 Do not reveal auth token in swiftclient log messages by default 7 years ago
Alistair Coles 67f5468ee4 Fix wrong args for get_container with full listing 7 years ago
Pratik Mallya a175689418 Accept token and tenant_id for authenticating against KS 7 years ago
Min Min Ren 61880c6f98 Fix the http request headers being overwritten in logging 7 years ago
Tim Burke 7a1e192803 Use bulk-delete middleware when available 7 years ago
Tim Burke 5050027610 _RetryBody doesn't need to take explicit etag/content-length 7 years ago
Tim Burke d4157ce5b5 Retry file uploads via SwiftService 7 years ago
Stuart McLaren 4af623bcf1 Retry download of object body 7 years ago