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Tim Burke bed6bbd5ef Drop testtools from test-requirements.txt
My understanding is that it was mainly being used so we could have sane
testing on py26.  With py26 support being dropped, we no longer need it.

Also drop discover from test-requirements.txt, as we don't seem to
actually use it.

Change-Id: Iee04c42890596d3b483c1473169480a3ae19aac8
Related-Change: I37116731db11449d0c374a6a83a3a43789a19d5f
2016-02-12 09:57:58 -08:00
Tim Burke 9fed7ed5e1 Miscellaneous (mostly test) cleanup
* Always use testtools.TestCase, since we're relying on testtools
 * Always use mock (as opposed to unittest.mock) since we're relying on
 * Add note about when a missing logging handler was added
 * Stop %-formatting the giant usage string that doesn't actually need
   any formatting
 * Prefer assertIs, assertIn, assertIsInstance over assertTrue
 * Use instead of sentinel values
 * Check resp.get('error') is None before checking resp['success'] is
   True, so test failures actually tell you something useful
 * Tighten some isinstance assertions
 * Import MockHttpTest from correct location
 * Only populate clean_os_environ once
 * Use setUp for setup, not __init__
 * Replace assertIn(key, dict) and assertEqual(foo, dict[key]) with
   assertEqual(foo, dict.get(key)) when key is a literal and foo is not
 * Use mock.patch.object instead of manually patching for tests
 * Use six.binary_type instead of type(''.encode('utf-8'))
 * Stop shadowing builtin bytes
 * Reclaim some margin
 * Stop checking the return-type of encode_utf8; we already know it's

Change-Id: I2138ea553378ce88810b7353147c8645a8f8c90e
2015-10-07 22:33:42 -07:00
Clay Gerrard 40857cfe4c Add per policy container count to account stat output
When the account response includes 'X-Storage-Policy-X-Container-Count' the
command helpers will stick a helpful extra line in the output.

If the swift response doesn't include the information the behavior is

Change-Id: Iaaa55d207ebe6a9c16e52adb56eb858c57cfb26a
2014-09-19 17:07:48 -07:00
Joel Wright 24673f8d19 Add importable SwiftService incorporating logic
This patch adds a SwiftService class that incorporates the high
level logic from swiftclient/ It also ports to
use the new class, and updates the code in swiftclient/
to allow the SwiftService to be used for multiple operations whilst
using only one thread pool.

Currently, code that imports swiftclient has to have its own logic for
things like creating large objects, parallel uploads, and parallel
downloads. This patch adds a SwiftService class that makes that
functionality available in Python code as well as through the shell.

Change-Id: I08c5796b4c01001d79fd571651c3017c16462ffd
Implements: blueprint bin-swift-logic-as-importable-library
2014-08-26 14:14:21 +02:00
Yuan Zhou 776133bd29 Clean up raw policy stats in account stat
Storage policy stats was not well parsed in account stat. This
patch parses the stats and print out the stats in a format like below:

$swift -A http://swift_cluster/auth/v1.0 -U test:tester -K testing stat
                   Account: AUTH_test
                Containers: 5
                   Objects: 1
                     Bytes: 2097152
Objects in policy "golden": 1
 Bytess in policy "golden": 2097152
Objects in policy "silver": 0
  Bytes in policy "silver": 0
               X-Timestamp: 1404697760.88809
                X-Trans-Id: txec519e24b44a413abb705-0053da2dcb
              Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
             Accept-Ranges: bytes

Change-Id: I7ad0ee6d88f8393e3a93e90cd52b9b592da7072d
2014-08-06 16:07:17 +08:00
Christian Schwede eb94ac076d Add functional tests for python-swiftclient
Coverage for swiftclient.client is 71% with these tests.

Unit tests have been moved into another subdirectory
to separate them from functional tests.

Change-Id: Ib8c4d78f7169cee893f82906f6388a5b06c45602
2014-05-05 11:53:37 +02:00