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envlist = py3,pep8
minversion = 3.18.0
skipsdist = True
usedevelop = True
list_dependencies_command = python -m pip freeze
setenv =
deps = -r{toxinidir}/requirements.txt
commands = sh -c '(find . -not \( -type d -name .?\* -prune \) \
\( -type d -name "__pycache__" -or -type f -name "*.py[co]" \) \
-print0) | xargs -0 rm -rf'
stestr run {posargs}
allowlist_externals = sh
passenv = SWIFT_* *_proxy
commands =
python -m flake8 swiftclient test
commands = {posargs}
setenv =
PYTHON=coverage run --source swiftclient --parallel-mode
commands =
stestr run
coverage combine
coverage html -d cover
coverage xml -o cover/coverage.xml
coverage report
setenv =
PYTHON=coverage run --source swiftclient --parallel-mode
allowlist_externals =
commands =
stestr run --concurrency=1
coverage combine
coverage html -d cover
coverage xml -o cover/coverage.xml
coverage report -m
rm -f .coverage
usedevelop = False
deps = -c{env:TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:}
sphinx-build -W -b html doc/source doc/build/html -W
# it's not a bug that we aren't using all of hacking, ignore:
# H101: Use TODO(NAME)
# H301: one import per line
# H306: imports not in alphabetical order (time, os)
# H401: docstring should not start with a space
# H403: multi line docstrings should end on a new line
# H404: multi line docstring should start without a leading new line
# H405: multi line docstring summary not separated with an empty line
# W504: line break after binary operator
ignore = H101,H301,H306,H401,H403,H404,H405,W504
# H106: Dont put vim configuration in source files
# H203: Use assertIs(Not)None to check for None
show-source = True
exclude = .venv,.tox,dist,doc,*egg
# Do not install any requirements. We want this to be fast and work even if
# system dependencies are missing, since it's used to tell you what system
# dependencies are missing! This also means that bindep must be installed
# separately, outside of the requirements files.
usedevelop = False
deps = bindep
commands = bindep test
usedevelop = False
deps = -c{env:TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:}
commands = sphinx-build -a -W -E -d releasenotes/build/doctrees -b html releasenotes/source releasenotes/build/html
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
allowlist_externals =
commands =
sphinx-build -W -b latex doc/source doc/build/pdf
make -C doc/build/pdf