Merge "Removing the default role to swiftoperator"

Jenkins 5 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 1645017e23
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@ -101,20 +101,16 @@ def create_tempest_deployer_input(config_name='tempest-deployer-input.conf'):
'volume', 'volume-feature-enabled'):
# Roles to assign to all users created by tempest (list value)
# It should be the set of roles which allows an user to use all services
config.set('auth', 'tempest_roles', 'swiftoperator')
# Dynamic credentials means tempest will create the required credentials if
# a test requires a new account to work, tempest will create one just for
# that test
config.set('auth', 'use_dynamic_credentials', 'true')
# Does the test environment support obtaining instance serial console
# output? (default: true)
# set in [nova.serial_console]->enabled
config.set('compute-feature-enabled', 'console_output', 'false')
# Role to add to users created for swift tests to enable creating
# containers (default: 'Member')
# keystone role-list returns this role
config.set('object-storage', 'operator_role', 'swiftoperator')
# Role required for users to be able to manage stacks
# (default: 'heat_stack_owner')
# keystone role-list returns this role