Don't allow --config-download-only with --baremetal-deployment

We would need the stack to be updated for newly provisioned
nodes. Therefore --config-download-only and --setup-only
would not work with --baremetal-deployment.

Change-Id: I307bbf28dc3ee447a6ed704b5f956118d2099e07
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ramishra 2021-05-26 06:58:15 +05:30
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commit 8800f06c94
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@ -513,6 +513,13 @@ class DeployOvercloud(command.Command):
"Error: --deployed-server must be used when using "
if (parsed_args.baremetal_deployment
and (parsed_args.config_download_only
or parsed_args.setup_only)):
raise oscexc.CommandError(
"Error: --config-download-only/--setup-only must not be "
"used when using --baremetal-deployment")
if parsed_args.environment_directories: