Removing the default role to swiftoperator

Not always the swiftoperator role is created, only when you have
the swift proxy template enabled. One of the examples is the
scenario001 that don't have swift proxy installed. On that cases
the role set in tempest-deployer-input became invalid.
There's no need to set the operator_role and tempest_roles if you
set the use_dynamic_credentials to true by default. In this case
tempest will handle the creation of the needed roles for each test
that requires a role to be created. This will fix the cases where
we have the swiftoperator role set, but not created.

Change-Id: Ib114241629dfd75bb1277514e3ca5730e9202314
Arx Cruz 5 years ago
parent 9c9521f31b
commit c7e6f9cd69
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@ -101,20 +101,16 @@ def create_tempest_deployer_input(config_name='tempest-deployer-input.conf'):
'volume', 'volume-feature-enabled'):
# Roles to assign to all users created by tempest (list value)
# It should be the set of roles which allows an user to use all services
config.set('auth', 'tempest_roles', 'swiftoperator')
# Dynamic credentials means tempest will create the required credentials if
# a test requires a new account to work, tempest will create one just for
# that test
config.set('auth', 'use_dynamic_credentials', 'true')
# Does the test environment support obtaining instance serial console
# output? (default: true)
# set in [nova.serial_console]->enabled
config.set('compute-feature-enabled', 'console_output', 'false')
# Role to add to users created for swift tests to enable creating
# containers (default: 'Member')
# keystone role-list returns this role
config.set('object-storage', 'operator_role', 'swiftoperator')
# Role required for users to be able to manage stacks
# (default: 'heat_stack_owner')
# keystone role-list returns this role