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Alex Schultz cb7a79bfb6 Enable cleanup by default for undercloud install
The goal of this change is to remove the randomly generated data that we
we use during the installation of the undercloud by default.  This
change switches the cleanup configuration in the undercloud.conf to
be true by default so we cleanup the generated heat temporary files by
default. The undercloud deploy flag still remains the same where it is
not currently enabled by default if you leverage the 'openstack
undercloud deploy' command.

Change-Id: I027a76d2f37a5af5bd0a599783287632298acf3f
Related-Bug: #1761810
2018-05-07 06:53:36 -07:00
Alex Schultz fb222963b8 Reorganize the config options for deployment
In order to support a basic configuration file for a standalone
deployment, this change moves the configuration items out into their own
classes for inheriting configuration items since the undercloud install
is basically a special form of a standalone. By creating a standalone
configuration file, we will be able to use enable_* for services to
allow for a quick deployment of specific architectures.

Change-Id: Id07acaa2dfb8432d97dabccbb256a206cbf94e1f
Related-Blueprint: all-in-one
2018-05-05 17:08:56 +00:00