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Dougal Matthews abe56405be Remove three unused exceptions
These are never raised or extended.

Change-Id: Ia742bef6915b5ff6edd28bf4eb83c5f67b95eed1
3 years ago
James Slagle 72f5762e45 Handle config-download in progress in tripleoclient
This patch adds handling and checking of any instances of the workflow
tripleo.deployment.v1.config_download_deploy already in progress for the
current stack. It will prevent duplicate instances of the same workflow
being started and running at the same time.

It will allow for multiple instances of the workflow running at the same
time as long as they are for different stacks.

Change-Id: Ic8dbf28b5796ff998165b6b73b941f21c65f1dfa
Closes-Bug: #1852314
4 years ago
Rabi Mishra 97012083e8 Remove check for IN_PROGRESS stack
There is no need to disallow concurrent stack updates with convergence
heat engine, which we have moved to since stable/queens.

Change-Id: I1d3357a0c1401b4d1c4fca3e6925895967c8e97c
4 years ago
Martin Schuppert aa0d29fb44 Add overcloud cell export command
[1] provides the steps on how to setup multiple cells using tripleo.
This requires to extract deployment information from the overcloud
/control plane stack which then is used as input for the cell

With this patch we provide a new tripleoclient functionality which
to automate the export steps from [1]:
* Export the default cell EndpointMap
* Export the default cell HostsEntry
* Export AllNodesConfig and GlobalConfig information
* Export passwords



Change-Id: Id7fdbf029a6dd1b45e9801c9cf8814a15a157ee0
4 years ago
Emilien Macchi c925c3b93b undercloud: resolve undercloud_*_host
The problem we're solving here is that our operators using SSL + FQDN
based endpoints will have failures during the deployment because we
don't lookup the FQDN into IP addresses, needed later in the deployment
for proper binding.

This patch transforms undercloud_*_host parameters into IP addresses:

- We raise if lookup returns nothing.
- We raise if lookup returns more than one IP.
- We support both IPv4 and IPv6.
- We raise if the IP is a loopback.
- We raise if the returned IP is invalid.

Utils changes:

* Introduce utils.is_valid_ip.
  Return True if the IP is either v4 or v6. Return False otherwise.

* Introduce utils.is_loopback.
  Return True if the given host is a loopback. Return False otherwise.

* Introduce utils.get_host_ips.
  Returns a list of IPs for a host to lookup.

* Introduce utils.get_single_ip.
  Translate an hostname or FQDN into an IP address if it is valid IP.
  Return it unchanged if it is an IPv4 or IPv6 address.
  If the host is not reachable, it'll raise an exception.
  By default it excludes the loopbacks but it can be allowed by setting
  allow_loopback = True.

* Use utils.get_single_ip to translate undercloud_admin_host and
  undercloud_public_host to IP addresses.

Related-Bug: #1763776
Change-Id: Ic008cc758493aa95e8aa237d23c2f66c0a930509
4 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur b3cef86bb9 Do not log tracebacks for expected exceptions
The tripleoclient exceptions are supposed to have enough context,
logging their traceback just confuses the users. Note that with
--debug all exceptions will have a traceback anyway.

This change introduces a base class for tripleoclient exceptions.

Change-Id: Iffc7b557ebd7e30ff56ceaee702ed3c4466d4eea
Closes-Bug: #1824329
4 years ago
Quique Llorente fee9f8cf15 Raise proper exception at webscocket close
After fixing a bug with the
return introduced there is bogus, we have to raise a proper exception
and handle it like timeouts, to get all the mistral allright.

Change-Id: Idcdbd38129f5694c5452f3f8aca0388df80476b2
5 years ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza ed1fc90365 Handle negative/wrong answer in question when upgrading undercloud.
When upgrading the heat-based undercloud a security
question is asked to stop the upgrade if a undercloud
backup was not performed. This patch handles the case
when a negative or wrong answer is provided,
raising a new UndercloudUpradeNotConfirmed exception
which is then captured and displays an informative
log notifying that the upgrade didn't take place.
Also, removing the format call when the undercloud
upgrades fails [0] as the called string message
doesn't need parametrization.

[0] - 03254c84f6/tripleoclient/v1/ (L158)

Change-Id: I80ae52e8a732b2827e8179ce024f92ed52a29394
Closes-Bug: #1783722
5 years ago
James Slagle 1034d65378 Log tracebacks
Always log the traceback for unexpected exceptions. It's very difficult
to tell where the error came from without the traceback.

It seems this was the intent with
Iad9de7fab0ee740bd20f8facd49f36e6f18d2fb1, but
traceback.format_exception doesn't actually print/log anything, it
returns a list of strings, which are just lost if not actually

Instead use traceback.print_exc in the main handler to show the

Change-Id: If84a41907e1fc782bd5a4608f445e75aa3a5d2fb
5 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 0e1a99ebaf Log errors with raised exceptions
Fix return codes not raising errors.
Log errors before raising exception.
Add traceback for DeploymentErrors.

Complements Iba8c7e63b52acc41964ff099efc7fa181185bad7
and I82144af35f5f9cd57ef794cc58c33b0ab15b02b2

Change-Id: Iad9de7fab0ee740bd20f8facd49f36e6f18d2fb1
Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <>
5 years ago
Ana Krivokapic aacefea28d Fix error handling for actions
Change-Id: I0d6c8ad92c22d01d5994fcbd41d7d4de775d2fb1
Closes-bug: #1719947
6 years ago
Jaganathan Palanisamy 0d3e4eff06 Invokes specified workflows in plan env file
This change is to invoke the workflows specified in
plan enviroment file. Workflows can be specified for
workflow_parameters parameter in plan-environment file.
This change parses the plan-environment file, and
sequentially executes all the workflows specified in
the file.
Implements: blueprint tripleo-derive-parameters

Change-Id: I37993334a45cf5ee713438151dbbde0997bdf723
6 years ago
Alex Schultz 1e69403a9e Add overcloud support report collect command
This command is to be used by an operator to run sosreport on
specific set of servers (or all) and retrieve log bundles that can
be used to debug the status of the cluster or troubleshoot issues.

Depends-On: I47c486d14c46a653c61cfd92d9f484efe0407217
Change-Id: I45699dfa6eb3e83d419c7041dbb72cc5d5e4f0ea
Implements-Blueprint: capture-environment-status-and-logs
6 years ago
James Slagle 026cb4a76e Handle failed actions
The result of syncrhonously called Mistral actions wasn't being checked
to see if the action passed or failed. The result is now checked and if
the action has failed, an exception will be raised.

Change-Id: I95ae8c98fec94cf91f3f209b593f6c1815729fd4
Closes-Bug: #1686811
6 years ago
Ana Krivokapic d0345f6b69 Remove multiple plan support from plan export command
Multiple plan support has little value while unnecessarily complicating
the command UX. Being able to do one export at a time is enough. Operators
are encouraged to script the command if they wish to achieve the effect
of exporting multiple plans.

Partially implements: blueprint plan-export-command
Change-Id: I99cf5dfde82a8b4b9dfb7b3f61f4f4f1d31b58f7
6 years ago
Dougal Matthews f868ccd670 Remove two unused Exception subclasses
Change-Id: I2f6b682681b3089eaaa5ae6686fef44e4807f49e
7 years ago
Jenkins ac362497b9 Merge "Only start the deploy if the Heat stack isn't already in progress" 7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 7f16d10356 Only start the deploy if the Heat stack isn't already in progress
At the moment the deploy command will take a number of steps, including
updating the plan and setting parameters in Mistral. Then when it gets
to the deploy, the workflow will fail. This change stops it earlier in
the process, which will be quicker and cleaner.

Change-Id: I09e40e3f27b9ba3b0f3dad97cece6afbe28bd6b9
Partial-Bug: #1640249
7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 579d1b1318 Add an optional timeout when waiting for websocket messages
This patch adds a mechanism for setting a timeout when waiting for websocket
messages. It then adds it to workflow executions which are fairly predictable.
This means that they always take roughly the same length of time. Other
workflows like baremetal introspection can be much slower or quicker
depending on the the users environment.

Closes-Bug: #1618445
Change-Id: I656735d58b1b676148e6ceacfc9861b3c5f44e5d
7 years ago
Julie Pichon fe28e43c3e Stop plan creation when container exists
The action result was not properly checked, leading to errors being
missed and the plan creation failing, sometimes silently.

Change-Id: I8c5391be5ff7bc4c7227ebbe4f8200eda6f8de09
Closes-Bug: #1621493
7 years ago
Julie Pichon d0b6de2b4a Add 'openstack overcloud node configure' command
Calls to the Mistral workflows to configure boot options and the root

Change-Id: Ifd868fcdd6ed2d54b40c2e1861558d0233731be5
Depends-On: I5ba0a3710012c44822dd3b8e69662bbef04d3787
Closes-Bug: #1595205
7 years ago
Jenkins d679f08486 Merge "Remove unused exceptions and redundant pass statements" 7 years ago
Dan Prince 9244349742 Use Mistral for baremetal registration
Updates the baremetal registration workflows to use Mistral
instead of python.

Co-Authored-By: Dougal Matthews <>
Co-Authored-By: Ryan Brady <>

Change-Id: Ide8b7753829170f503ef962b4ad4fde388cbb0ba
Depends-On: Ifc6bdd273a8e129ea7c4269d00add64e72cd371b
Depends-On: I910f50a377bcbc2c23b527953e9df7eee9c938a4
7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 5b7ea47824 Remove unused exceptions and redundant pass statements
Change-Id: Id2bd0775e965f0c0680226a867931de189ef2b00
7 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur ceabf658b8 Allow 'openstack baremetal configure boot' to guess the root device
This change simplifies using Ironic root device hints for people who only need
to change the default strategy of selecting the default device.
E.g. we have a use case for selecting the first device instead of the smallest,
so that the root device does not change after upgrade Kilo -> Liberty.

Note that this feature does not replace per-node device hints, rather
complement them with a more global and easy to use setting.

This change introduces 3 new arguments to the command:
--root-device states how to find a root devices for a node.
  If this argument is provided, the client will try to detect the root device
  based on the stored introspection data. Possible values:
  * smallest (the same thing as IPA does by default - the smallest device)
  * largest (the opposite thing - pick the largest device)
  * otherwise it's treated as a comma-separated list of possible device names,
    e.g. sda,vda,hda rouchly matches the logic the Kilo ramdisk used.
  The resulting device WWN or serial (whatever is available) is then recorded
  in the root device hints (/properties/root_device) for a node.
--root-device-minimum-size minimum size of the considered devices
  The default value of 4 GiB matches what IPA does.
--overwrite-root-device-hints allows overwriting root device hints set
  previously. It's disabled by default to allow more precise control over the
  root device for some subset of nodes.

Note that for these arguments to work, this command should be run after
introspection. A separate documentation change will be posted for that.

Change-Id: I9f19554c5e7f34c8f63c1603c32b4d470fb12592
7 years ago
Dougal Matthews 8f9b01e516 Don't regenerate the overcloud passwords if the Heat stack exists
If the user is in the incorrect directory (one different from
where they originally deployed), the function to generate
passwords will create a new password file with random passwords.
This will then be sent to Heat and it will attempt to reconfigure
the passwords for all services (which currently isn't fully
supported and can leave users with a non-functioning overcloud).
The issue can be replicated with:

    openstack overcloud deploy --templates
    cd /tmp (or any other different directory)
    openstack overcloud deploy --templates

This changes the behaviour to display an error if the password
file can't be found, but the Heat stack already exists.

Closes-Bug: #1541342
Change-Id: I2ce63c254c10d6382d626b2f5436019971a26952
7 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 2e680eafa9 Allow assigning profiles based on XXX_profile capabilities
This change will allow users (or ironic-inspector) to provide
several possible profiles for a node by setting capabilities like
XXX_profile (where XXX = compute, controller...).

Two new commands are added:

 openstack overcloud profiles match

    When no enough nodes with a given profile are found, this command
    will inspect nodes with such capabilities and choose missing nodes
    from them.

 openstack overcloud profiles list

    Lists all available and active nodes with their profiles and possible

See the following thread for the full background:

This changes refactores profile validation code in the deploy command to use
the same logic as commands above. It's worth noting that this change also
removes an incorrect assumption that a node can have multiple values
for the same capability. It also makes sure we only take active and available
nodes into account for all calculations.

Change-Id: I398cf2052b280eaf67e5755412c35fe9551c341f
8 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 5ece838dc0 Support new ironic "enroll" state
This state was introduced in Liberty as a new state for freshly
enrolled node. Transition from it is done by the same verb "manage",
but now involves validation of power credentials.

This commit also

 - makes utils.wait_for_provision_state raise appropriate exceptions on
   error rather than returning False
 - adds a utils.nodes_in_states function to list baremetal nodes in a
   given set of states.
 - adds logic to baremetal/ to track states of fake nodes; this
   is much simpler and less brittle than precisely mocking the results of
   API calls in exactly the order the library code makes them.
 - consistently mocks bulk introspection tests at the client layer,
   rather than at a variety of layers.
 - adds tests for timeout and power-credential error during bulk
 - doesn't set nodes to "available" if they fail introspection or power

Change-Id: I4da61491f60f7ebd42ca1f8fe45c3d4df6e49887
8 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur ad470c343e Fail the introspection command if introspection has failed
Currently it only prints an error message, but exists with success.
This makes it impossible to use this command in any kind of automated
scripts or test it in our gate. This patch makes it raise an exception.

Change-Id: I150c87252a48a8062aa7ef04c7a52433dd5ee37d
8 years ago
Ben Nemec d7141d6f51 Don't raise bare Exceptions
It's generally recommended that base Exceptions not be raised,
because this makes it impossible to handle exceptions in a more
granular way.  except Exception: will catch all exceptions, not
just the one you might care about.

This replaces most instances of this pattern in tripleoclient, with
the exception of the one in because I have a
separate change open that already fixes it.

Change-Id: I6fce306c4ffc57b4c52389be1feb583f5a400a64
8 years ago
Marek Aufart f538e304a5 Disable command run under root user
Running openstack command with python-tripleoclient under
root user is not supported and should not be allowed. Added
check for user and exit if it is root (EUID=0) to openstack
undercloud install command.

Each command can be disabled for root by adding
utils.ensure_run_as_normal_user() into it's body.

Change-Id: I685c639e02790483d1607c7eac038f8b9b8dc99e
Closes-Bug: rhbz#1239088
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 12edde8a53 Rename rdomanager_oscplugin to tripleoclient
Change-Id: I4593a5248160204645d567d7f2fa3a396629082b
8 years ago