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Alex Schultz 6745f10279 Fix command docs generation
Since we added a tripleoclient.v2 namespace, we need to update the auto
doc namespace so it finds the commands.

Change-Id: I7b5266e00af68e1d6efc9cc022fb97d002f5241b
Closes-Bug: #1866410
3 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya dd02f75d56 PDF documentation build
The is one of community goals that each project could produce a
single PDF file. The pdf should be in the output of openstack-tox-docs

The list of changes:
- add a new pdf-docs environment to enable PDF build,
- sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter is used to handle SVG properly,
- poke versions for sphinx and openstackdocstheme,
- disable usage of xindy for tex,
- do not generate empty pages,
- only build html for toctree and other content-less for pdf sections,
- adjust README to firstly contain "About tripleo" then team & repo tags
  for the better view in PDF-generated contents.
- move the Contributing chapter closer to the beginning for the better
  view in the long list of generated contents.

More about the goal:

TeX and  few more packages may be needed to build PDF locally
(listed for bindep):

inkscape [doc platform:dpkg]
fonts-liberation [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-latex-base [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-latex-extra [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-xetex [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-fonts-recommended [doc platform:dpkg]
xindy [doc platform:dpkg]
latexmk [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-fncychap [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-titlesec [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-tabulary [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-framed [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-wrapfig [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-upquote [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-capt-of [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-needspace [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-polyglossia [doc platform:rpm]
latexmk [doc platform:rpm]
python3-sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter-common [doc platform:rpm]
librsvg2-tools [doc platform:rpm]
librsvg2-bin [doc platform:dpkg]

Change-Id: Ib3bb34191582f581c28f2f8a0281cf3ae44003e8
Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <>
4 years ago
pengyuesheng 7de33c1340 Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20
Some options are now automatically configured by the version 1.20:
- project
- html_last_updated_fmt
- latex_engine
- latex_elements
- version
- release.

Change-Id: Ibd6b3a191c6bee5b094de94680bab6df07616deb
4 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya a37cd7c9d0 Allow deeper levels of nesting for pdf builds
Change the defaults for the max of a 5 of \begin...\end stanzas,
up to a 10.

Change-Id: I52ef17bd87cbcde7f9dc34e8b1bb874581d0917d
Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <>
4 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 4b6633bf9b Use cliff autodoc generation
Currently, there is an issue with the 'overcloud container image prepare'

Change-Id: If5d784af413decc72afe8ba3bdc8a20f0c4fb290
4 years ago
Nguyen Hai 4961bc7d64 Use openstackdocstheme for python-tripleoclient
Apply for python-tripleoclient webpage and releasenotes

Change-Id: I859cb176a95bcd73b0175c30b079a8781f5bf295
5 years ago
Stephen Finucane 3653a6006f Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-error
With pbr 2.0 and Sphinx 1.5, the setting for treat sphinx warnings as
errors is setting warning-is-error in build_sphinx section. Enable this.

Change-Id: I981b05275e1a75e3c42ea3ef24812cded0cefc0d
6 years ago
Jenkins 5137f3135d Merge "Remove documentation for removed neutron command line options" 6 years ago
Rajiv Kumar f03583a3f3 Remove link to modindex
The documentation build does not generate any module index, thus
remove the link to the page.

Change-Id: I1e66344f5087b7c1bd2e6fde3fc020b23373e06c
6 years ago
Brent Eagles a9c9885254 Remove documentation for removed neutron command line options
This patch removes the documentation for the --neutron-* command line
options that had been deprecated and removed over time.

Change-Id: I72447bffcde92a85b2c3f436806268d1ae94e005
6 years ago
Ana Krivokapic b24c9d5101 Fix doc page for overcloud deploy
Change-Id: I346b6863545823bc4e8ecb6ad26b26c375f24eba
7 years ago
Jenkins ca035844b3 Merge "[Trivial] Remove executable privilege of doc/source/" 7 years ago
Miles Gould 6e458be6d8 Document --initial-state param on baremetal import
Change-Id: I934b1d00b90c714c291a76175acc20961b176744
7 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 37068f27de [Trivial] Remove executable privilege of doc/source/
It is a configuration file, rather than a script.

Change-Id: Ib276acae5e4cfb336ce5415e77104200a8e259be
7 years ago
Lennart Regebro 0821856178 Add support for an answers file
Adding an --answers-file parameter to overcloud deploy and
overcloud update that takes a YAML file:

   templates: ~/templates
     - ~/test-env1.yaml
     - ~/test-env2.yaml
     - ~/test-env3.yaml

Change-Id: I623143924951d02fcc9179c1da7705b4b7b551b7
7 years ago
Brad P. Crochet d0b54c533d Remove parameter defaults
Remove parameters that have sane defaults in the Heat templates.
In order to change these, one should use an environment file rather
than passing args to the deploy command. These commands should now
be considered deprecated in favor of the environment file.

Change-Id: Idbf85d455f348ed2ab9b34fe1dc95faec427a13f
Depends-On: Ifd740c50ee0e48e0cf50d9ebd9cc282155cb3a6d
8 years ago
Dougal Matthews 6abf557aa1 Remove Tuskar support
This change removes Tuskar support from the following commands:

    - openstack overcloud deploy
    - openstack overcloud node delete
    - openstack overcloud update stack

This removal is due to the limiting nature of Tuskar, we can achieve everything
we need and more without it. The change also removes python-tuskarclient from
the requirements and if the Tuskar CLI (openstack management commands) is
required it will need to be installed independently.

This change is dependant on the Tuskar examples being removed from the
documentation. These are removed in the dependant change ID below.

Depends-On: I2d4aa114156c5bafb003e6a67862ed6d1449fd98
Change-Id: Ic6fd4568054fe91b8fc898728022a7d7ed8cf3cf
8 years ago
Jenkins 1bd3c74c0a Merge "Cleanup some strangling references to rdomanager-oscplugin" 8 years ago
Marek Aufart 57ce8fad01 Add image name option to bm boot config
In order to be able configure bm deploy with various images,
option --deploy-kernel and --deploy-ramdisk were added to baremetal boot
config command.

Change-Id: I43a7de21f965bc344a9eea20b289182c875b6a83
Closes-Bug: rhbz#1249836
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 1823b837cd Cleanup some strangling references to rdomanager-oscplugin
Change-Id: I46e3e0b6c4028789676428eaaa1e4c558346ecf4
8 years ago
Lennart Regebro 85c4bad1ea Change libvirt default to kvm
Also only list qemu and kvm as options, as those are the only
ones we support, even though others would be passed through
and might work.

Change-Id: Ifaedd7d3d2cc5fd03465b9110f865daaca6e9fd0
8 years ago
Lennart Regebro eebb8e2630 Add command option descriptions
Add command option descriptions for the deploy overcloud command.

Change-Id: I20815efddd020ab652bd2666cafbdbfbfd637437
8 years ago
Lennart Regebro 57ad4f4534 Rename the "all" commands to "bulk"
Change-Id: Ia6ed32024d6e68c9fff291cfdcb7d6a2762c2c10
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet c57ef6fdc5 Add man-type documentation pages for rdo-manager commands
Change-Id: I8bf5e62cbe1b563c985712f54abff9b03dd47e48
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 12e7d22ddd Fix doc problems so build of docs succeeds
Change-Id: I50f624ef2d0b20161e8e76f88bfe56925f85847c
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 68cf7181b5 Initial commit 8 years ago